If you have one of these pesetas you can be rich

Will you say you are rich if you have 100 pesetas (Spanish currency before the euro)? I’m telling you; you are not. 100 pesetas will be worth today around 0,60 euro. But the sentence changes if I would ask you: are you rich since you have a 100 pesetas gold coin from 1871? Then the answer it better be yes, or you don’t have what you have. We are going to take a look at some of the most valuable peseta coins we can find out there, make sure you check your pockets because if you have one of these peseta coins you can be rich.

The Peseta

Let´s start
introducing the currency we are talking about. Most of you probably already know about it since it was around since October 19th, 1868. By 2002 the peseta was history after 134 years being the Spanish currency. If you are under 25 and from Europe you probably only remember the euro, but there was a time when each country had their own currency, which was amazing and terrible at the same time. Exchange currency companies, like Eurochange, used to deal with many more currencies that we do today, and it was harder to travel thru Europe. 
But times change and the peseta was replaced by the euro. You can find more info about the peseta here

1869-1870 5 pesetas coin

First of all, just a fun fact. The 5-peseta coin was known as the duro, in English means hard, tough, strong, you get the concept. The name was actually referring the previous Spanish coin the real, since it was made of silver it was heavy, so the name came from there.


Talking about the 1869-1870 5 pesetas coin it was one of the first minted. This beauty features the goddess Hispania on one side and “the Rock of Gibraltar” on the other. It is really strange to find one in perfect condition, but if you find it you can make between 20 and 45 thousand euros.  

1869-1870 gold 100 pesetas coin

The most curious info about this coin is that only 12 coins were minted back in the days. If you check the date, you can figure out that it was one of the first peseta coins ever minted and, of course, the first 100 peseta coin created.

As in the 1869-1870 5 peseta coin, this coin features Hispania on one side, but on the other side we can see the monarchy coat of arms. It was made out of gold which makes it already valuable for the gold in it. But you can get a bit more if you have one of the 12 ever made, between 130 and 150 thousand euros, not bad.

1871 gold 100 pesetas coin

Can you guess how many were minted? 12, like the 1869-1869 gold 100 peseta coin. This coin was minted during the reign of Amadeo the first. He only reigned for 3 years, what makes this coin more valuable.


It is made of 32,25 grams of pure gold. And even only 12 were minted only 8 are known to exist nowadays. On one side we have Amadeo the fist obviously, and on the other the monarchy coat of arms. This coin is known for being sold on an auction for 146.000 euros, but its value can reach more than 160 thousand euros. 


Well, sorry to tell you that at Eurochange we do not exchange coins of any currency, but if you have one of this please come to any of our offices and show it to us if you want to. But what we do is exchanging most of the notes from most of the
currencies of the world. So come to check our exchange rates and don’t be afraid to ask for help with anything, our Money Agents are there to help you Eurochangers

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