History of the dollar and the benefits of exchanging them into Euros

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History of the dollar and the benefits of exchanging them into Euros

What today is known as dollar has a fascinating history that dates back to the first day of the North American colonization by the Europeans. The Spanish colonizer brought to North America silver and gold coins which were used in Europe for trades. But it was not until the 17th century with British colonizers arrival when the bases for what is known today as the dollar were established. 

In 1960, the Massachusetts colony printed the first paper coin in North America, which was known as paper money or paper currency. Even that paper currency turns into the common currency for commerce and trading around the continent in a short period of time, had to face the opposition of the British government which preferred the use of gold and silver coins. In 1792, the United State congress coined the first ever north American coin, the dollar, which was based on the Spanish peso (pound) and was exchangeable to gold and silver. 

From that point, the American dollar has been one of the most influential currencies in the world. Nowadays, it is not just used on the United States, but also in many other countries as national reserve and to do international transactions. However, there are many reasons to Exchange dollars while being in Spain at the Eurochange offices.

One of the most obvious benefits of exchanging dollars into euros it’s to avoid the possible fluctuation on the Eurochange rates. If you travel frequently to Europe or frequently use the euros for your international transactions, exchanging your dollars for euros can save you money in the long run. The exchange rates are changing constantly, therefor the prices for goods or services also can change. By exchanging your dollars into euros that uncertainty about the fluctuation can be avoided. 

In many Latin-American countries, the dollar has become the most common currency in order to do business and international transactions. This is due the stability, security and acceptance all over the word that the dollar provides. However, as we said before, the fluctuation can provide certain uncertainty for those that have it as their main currency. It is for that reason that exchanging your dollars to another currency, like the euro, can be beneficiary. By going so, the you can make sure the value of your dollars do not fluctuate and if the value goes down you can be protected. Also, the euro has a big acceptance not just in Europe, but also in many parts of the world, and can be used by those that travel or make international businesses. 

When talking about the way of exchanging dollars to euros, many Latin American countries have companies that offer this service, even Eurochange has come exchange offices over those countries. As well as in Spain, Eurochange offers competitive exchange rates and does not have hidden fees, which makes the exchange experience more accessible and profiting. Summarizing, to those in Latin American countries that are looking to exchange their dollars for another currency as the euro, can be really profiting to do it since they can protect themselves from fluctuation and uncertainly about the value of the dollar. Besides, Eurochange is a popular option to do so, really accessible in Latin countries, and as we said before no hidden fees and competitive rates.

Another Good thing about choosing euros to exchange your dollars is the accessibility.  If you are in Spain, Eurochange gives you the chance to exchange your euros in an easy way and without having to look for a bank o an ATM. Also, Eurochange has competitive rates and no hidden fees, which provides you a fair exchange without additional costs. 
And last but not least, the Euro, as the dollar, has full acceptance all over the world, which means that you cannot use it just in Spain but also in many European countries as well as countries from other continents. By having Euros your travels and businesses in Europe can be less stressful. 

Summarizing again, the history od the US dollar is fascinating, but if you are in Spain, you can consider to Eurochange your American dollars into Euros at out Eurochange offices. By doing so you Will make sure you avoid fluctuation on the Eurochange rate, and the Euros you Will acquire have acceptance all over the world. Also, as said before, Eurochange has competitive Exchange rates and has no hidden fees, which provides you with a fair exchange.