Money and The Queen

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Money and The Queen

Following the Queen's death on September 8 a number of changes have already begun getting underway, some of them being the first in a lifetime. For ordinary people Britain everyday things like money and stamps, both of which currently carry Queen Elizabeth II's face, will have to be replaced. Although the Bank of England has not yet confirmed the date that the money will change, there is likely to be a significant transition phase between notes and coins featuring Queen Elizabeth II and those with King Charles III's image. Taking this as our departing point we are going to take a walk down to money history lane and take a look back to all the notes that had Queen Elizabeth as the main character. 

1956 - The Bank of England is allowed to use the Queen's portrait

1960–1961 The Queen first appears on a Bank of England note

1961Test prints for the Queen's portrait

1963–1964 Series C £5 and £10 notes

1967 An unissued 50p note

1970s New portraits for D Series notes

1970 A new portrait for 'high sum' notes

1971A second portrait for the £5 and £1 notes

1990 A timeless image for E Series

1990 Design for the watermark portrait

Since 1990 Creating a watermark

Since 2016 Portraits on polymer

From the Eurochange family we share the British’s loss. Times of changes are coming soon but we will remain the same. We still exchanging the old paper pounds to euro, but not all of them of course, anyways a note from 1960 will be more valuable that what the currency cost. Find us using our store locator and come to exchange your currency. 

And if you are interested on knowing more about the history of these historical moments on britain´s money, let us know in the comments and we will make another post going deeper in the history of some of those notes.