New 100 Hong Kong Dollar notes

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New 100 Hong Kong Dollar notes

The Hong Kong Monetary Authorities are in the process of issuing a new family of Hong Kong Dollar notes, the 2018 series. The first banknote issued in this new series was the 500 Hong Kong Dollar banknote, then it was the turn of the 1000 Dollar note and the last one issued is that of 100 Hong Kong Dollars.


New 100, 500 and 1000 Hong Kong Dollar Notes
New 100, 500 and 1000 Hong Kong Dollar Notes


Design of the new 100 HKD note

For this new issue, the different issuing banks of the Hong Kong Dollar have agreed to standardize the design and make banknotes more easily recognizable. In addition, the reverse side of the banknotes has a vertical orientation instead of the traditional horizontal orientation.

The theme of the 100 Hong Kong Dollar note is its cultural legacy that is expressed with several representations of the Cantonese opera on the reverse of the notes. The same designs are maintained on the obverse as on the other banknotes in the series: the Bank of China Tower, the Standard Chartered Bank Tower and the HSBC emblem lion.

These new banknotes will be in circulation with the previous series until further notice by the Monetary Authorities of Hong Kong.


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