New 20 Pound polymer banknote

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New 20 Pound polymer banknote

As we already told you about the 5 Pound note and the 10 Pound note, the Bank of England is in the process of renovating the Pound Sterling and they are replacing paper banknotes with polymer (plastic) ones.

New polymer 20 Pound note

On February 20 the new 20 Pound Sterling polymer banknote will be in circulation.

What will the new 20 Pound note look like?

In this new note the image of Queen Elizabeth II remains on the obverse, but on the reverse the character is renewed. Adam Smith present on the cotton paper note will be replaced by the painter William Turner, famous landscape designer of the 18th and 19th centuries who stood out in oil painting as well as in watercolor.

In addition, this new note will incorporate security measures similar to those that already have the 5 and 10 Pound notes as the see through window, the hologram with changing text or the 3D silver printing of the Crown.

How long will the 20 Pound paper notes be valid?

For now, the 20 Pound paper banknotes will remain valid until further notice and can be used interchangeably with those made of polymer.

We will notify you in our blog when the withdrawal will occur so you can change them before they stop being in circulation.