New currency: Indonesian Rupiah

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New currency: Indonesian Rupiah

A few weeks ago we incorporated a new currency: the Indonesian Rupiah. So if you are preparing a trip to the country, in Eurochange you can exchange Euros to Indonesian Rupiah with the best rate and with total availability. You can also exchange Indonesian Rupiah to Euros if you have more than enough of your trip in any office. Of course, remember that we can only change notes, not coins.

Pagoda in Indonesia

Travel to Indonesia

Indonesia is a country made up of more than 17,000 Islands. This makes a large number of ethnicities, religions and languages ​​coexist. However, since all the islands belong to the same country, they have a common currency, the Indonesian Rupiah, and a common language, the Indonesian.

 Among the most touristic places are Bali, Jakarta or Ubud. Being a country made up of islands, one of its main tourist attractions are its beaches and water activities, but there is also a lot of tourism attracted by the country's culture and religion as well as by the infinity of natural spaces and their biodiversity.


If you are going to travel to Indonesia, do not hesitate and buy your Indonesian Rupiah online on our website or at any of our foreign exchange sales offices. Visit our website for further information and rate of Indonesian Rupiah.

Enjoy your trip!