New note of 10 Canadian Dollars

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New note of 10 Canadian Dollars

The Bank of Canada put into circulation at the end of November of this year a new note of 10 Canadian Dollars.

New note of 10 Canadian Dollars

This new note has as its main theme the defense of democracy and human rights, it is also manufactured in polymer like the other Canadian Dollar notes and, the novelty, is that its design is made vertically.

On the obverse of the note appears the portrait of Viola Desmond in the foreground. Viola Desmond starred in one of the best known incidents in the history of Canada in the fight against racial segregation. In 1946 she bought a ticket for the cinema. At that time, although there were no formal laws on segregation or a visible notice of the standards of the establishment, the stalls were reserved for whites and the amphitheater was reserved for people of color, with a price one cent lower than the others tickets. Desmond tried to buy an entrance to the stalls, but the movie clerk would not let him. She bought her ticket and sat in the stalls. When the cinema staff asked her to leave that area, she refused and offered to pay the penny of difference. She was finally arrested by the police and fined 20 Dollars for attempted fraud. This incident triggered the movement to fight against racial segregation in Canada.

On the back of the note appears the facade of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg, an eagle feather representing the struggle for the rights of the indigenous community and a fragment of Article 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

From now on this note will be legal tender and will coexist with the other Canadian dollar denominations and notes.