Black Friday is coming to Eurochange

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Black Friday is coming to Eurochange

Black Friday promotions at Eurochange

Black Friday is near and we are preparing a very special offer so you can travel buying your currency at the best price.

Pay attention since our promotions will last only one day.

Where does "Black Friday" come from?

The truth is that there is no proven origin of this expression. Black Friday coincides with the day following Thanksgiving in the United States (which is the last Thursday of November). On this day the shops and department stores began to offer discounts and striking offers to start the Christmas shopping season.

There are those who say that the origin is in the chaos of traffic and people who had in the big cities this day of citizens looking for big discounts. Another possibility says that it is because the shops with losses throughout the year, as of this day they stopped having red numbers and happened to have black numbers.

Whatever the origin, this beginning of the season has been slowly extended to several countries so that Black Friday is celebrated in countries around the world.

Don’t miss out on Eurochange’s Black Friday!