Eurochange Gift Card

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Eurochange Gift Card

Do you have a wedding and you don't like to give the typical envelope with money? The birthday of your globetrotting friend is coming and you don't know what to give him? At Eurochange we offer you an original and simple option to make a gift for those who are going to take a trip soon. The Eurochange Gift Card is the perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, Christmas,... since whoever receives it can use it to buy the currency they need on their next trip.


Gift card for Weddings


How does the Gift Card work?

We tell you how it works with an example. Let's say you have a wedding and you want to give away 300 Euros but you don't like to give cash or make a transfer to the bride and groom. This is where we can help you.

At your nearest Eurochange office you can buy a gift card worth 300 Euros. You choose the design that you like the most and we will deliver the card in an envelope together with the receipt.

The couple can exchange it at their closest Eurochange office and ask for the currency or currencies they need. Let's say they are going to travel to the United States and the Riviera Maya and want to use their 300 Euro card to buy 150 Euros in US Dollars and 150 Euros in Mexican Pesos.

At the office we will adjust the amounts of the currencies they want to buy to the value of the gift card and we will deliver them their currencies.


Advantages of giving a Eurochange Gift Card

With our card you are not giving away money, you are giving someone a budget for their next holiday. Who doesn't like that? Moreover with the flexibility of not having to know what the next destination of the person to whom you give it will be, since they can choose from more than 50 available currencies. And with a period of one year to spend it, they will surely find a plan where the can use it.


Terms of use

Buying and using our Gift Card is very simple, but there are still some conditions that you should take into account.

The minimum amount of a card is 50 Euros and the maximum is 1,000 Euros. They are charged from 50 to 50. And it will only be valid for the purchase of foreign currency. It cannot be exchanged for Euros.

The validity of the card is one year from the month of purchase. And you will have to present the card along with the purchase receipt to be able to redeem it.

If you have any questions, contact us and we will solve it.

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