Exchange currencies with the best rate on Black Friday

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Exchange currencies with the best rate on Black Friday

Make your currency exchange on Black Friday with the best price. Today we have extra-rate on all transactions!

Black Friday promotion at Eurochange


Black Friday promotion

During today you will be able to make your currency exchange, either from Euro to foreign currency or from foreign currency to Euro, with an extra-rate.


What is an extra-rate?

The extra-rate is a fixed discount for Pounds (€ 0.005) and a proportional discount for all other currencies.


What conditions does it have?

There is no minimum amount for the change. The only requirement will be that you are a loyal Eurochange client (with a loyalty card) or you can become one at the time of the change if you are not. Remember that you will have to present your spanish DNI or your Passport (in force) and give us an email address.

The promotion is valid from 00:00 to 23:59 on Friday November 27 on the rates published on our website and exchange offices.


How to apply it?

In the exchange office: come to your nearest Eurochange exchange office with your loyalty card, DNI or Passport and we will apply the discount directly to your exchange.

Online purchases: for online purchases you will have to apply the code BF2020 on our website and you will see the discount applied in the summary of your order.

Reservations: this discount will only be applied for reservations collected on Friday, November 27, 2020. If you make a reservation with collection on a different day, the discount cannot be applied.


Any questions?

Contact our Customer Service Center if you have any questions or if you want to calculate the final amount you will receive in your exchange.


See you soon!