New service: Buy Back at the same rate

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New service: Buy Back at the same rate

One of the most common problems when exchanging money for a trip is to decide the amount you want to exchange. Now, with our new Buy Back service, you can buy the currency you need and we will buy back your leftover currency at the same rate. You won’t pay extra fees or lose money on the exchange. We will tell you how to do it.


Buy cack service at Eurochange


What is the buy back service about?

The Buy Back service consists of getting the refund for your leftover currencies after your trip, with the same original rate you paid for it. In other words, if you paid €0.91 for each Dollar you bought, we will pay you 0.91€ for each Dollar you take back. Without paying a different rate or losing money for the currency you didn’t use.


What are the requirements of the Buy Back service?

The requirements are very easy:

  • You must be a registered client
  • Your currency purchase must be over €750
  • You must keep your receipt
  • We buy back maximum 30% of the original amount
  • You have a 30 natural days limit to make the refund

Moreover you must know that this service is valid for any of our foreign currencies (remember Euro is our local currency) without exceptions. And it’s valid for purchases made at any of our branches where we sell currency and also for online purchases.


How can I refund my leftover currency?

To get the refund of your leftover currency you must go to your nearest Eurochange money exchange office. Then we will check you meet the requirements and we will give you the refund giving you the Euros back in cash.


On January 20th you buy 900 Dollars for your trip and you pay 819 Euros with a rate of 0.910€ for each Dollar. Finally you only use 700 Dollars and you want to sell back your leftover 200 Dollars on your return on February 17th.

You come to your nearest branch and we check the requirements:

  • You are a registered client
  • Your original purchase is over 750€
  • You have the original receipt
  • 200 Dollar is 182 Euros, under the 30% of the total
  • The date is inside the term of 30 days

Great! You meet all the requirements so we will buy your Dollars back and give you a refund of 182 Euros. With the same rate you bought them.


Do you still have any doubt? Contact us and we will solve it quickly.