Broken or damaged notes, what do I do with them?

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Broken or damaged notes, what do I do with them?

Anyone who owns a broken, discolored or worn banknote can request the change at any branch of the Bank of Spain (if they are Euros) (@BancoDeEspana)  , at a credit institution for recognition and subsequent exchange for a new one or at any office of our network (if it´s foreign currency).7

As a general rule, the change will be made whenever more than half of the original surface of the note is presented or when it can be shown that the missing part has been destroyed.
Once recognized, stained, inscribed or broken banknotes can be exchanged for new banknotes of equal value, in the case of Euros. And if you have damaged foreign currency banknotes, we would exchange them for the value in euros at Eurochange.
The exchange of banknotes damaged by the activation of anti-theft devices will be subject to a commission of ten euro cents per notes if the number of banknotes is equal to or greater than one hundred. No commission will be applied when the tickets have been damaged as a result of robbery attempts or perpetrations, extreme situations that will be justified with a photocopy of the complaint made to the police or judicial authorities. On the other hand, if the banknote has a manufacturing defect, it can be exchanged on the spot under the same conditions at any branch of the Bank of Spain, through a credit institution or at Eurochange.
The Bank of Spain reserves the right to refrain from carrying out certain operations and / or to limit the form of payment of the exchange according to the circumstances in which the banknotes (or coins) have been presented.

In the case of wanting to exchange defective or damaged banknotes at the Bank of Spain, they can be presented both at the Banco de España building in Madrid (c / Alcalá 48) and at its branches, using to this a form that will be made available to us. If you want to make the change in any of our offices we will value the amount and we will make the change at the moment, without waiting and without commissions. You can contact us at the customer service telephone number 615 403 877 and we will give you all kinds of information without obligation.