Barcelona: Summer in the city.

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Barcelona: Summer in the city.

 Spain is one of the countries that welcomes most tourist in the world. Before the last pandemic, Spain used to welcome more than 80 million tourists during the year, lately numbers are getting back to what it used to be.

Spain has a great strength to attract all those many tourists: the sun. The fantastic weather all around the country is one of the reasons why people from all over the world visits Spain.

There are many interesting cities to visit around the country: Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Valencia, Bilbao, Malaga, Vigo, Sevilla, and a long etc. All of them have their own charm and their own culture, but we are going to focus on the first one to share with you a little bit of the Spanish taste for this summer.

Barcelona it´s a fascinating Mediterranean city and one of the most popular destinations in the world. During the summer, this rose-colored city becomes vibrant with colors, attracting tourists and locals alike to its shores. From the fantastical Sagrada Familia church to the infamous Park Güell, designed by Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona is a rare mix of historical significance and modern practices.

There are plenty things to do during the summer, but we going to name some of them and let you choose which one you prefer.

Barcelona´s architecture it´s one of it´s most attractive features. Even it is probably hard to visit all in a day, we encourage you to visit some of the most genuine buildings from the Mediterranean city.

As mentioned before, the Sagrada Familia is a must, Gaudi´s last unfinished Project which stills under construction will offer you an amazing view of the breathtaking and looming towers against the clear blue summer sky.

The Park Güell is another famous attraction from the city. Another of gaudi´s creations that expands for more than 17 hectares and offers amazing views to enjoy under the summer sun.

Montjuïc gardens it is also a nice place to take a summer stroll. Montjuïc is home to a number of beautiful gardens such as the Grec Garden, the Laribal Garden and the Mossen Cinto Verdaguer Gardens, all od them peaceful and quiet just in case you want to get away from all the city rush.

And talking about architecture, we cannot forget some iconic Barcelona´s buildings as the Casa Vicens, the Casa Milá and the Casa Batllo, all of them unique, beautifl and original buildings to enjoy during our visit of the city.

The Mediterranean diet, worldwide famous, it´s at its fullest in the Ciudad Condal. For the longest time you could enjoy a fabulous meal, if you were lucky, at one of the best restaurants in the world: El Bulli. But that´s is just one of many, we would need 3 or more post to name all the restaurants with at least one Michelin Star on Barcelona. But the best part of this Mediterranean pearl as Barcelona it’s that you don’t need to go to one of those great name restaurants, you can enjoy the Mediterranean kitchen at every small restaurant, bar, or tavern thru the city. We all know how famous Spanish Tapas are, just get a taste during your stay.

We cannot finish this post without talking about the Mediterranean Sea. Barcelona has some of the most beautiful beaches of Spain. The hot temperatures and the calm Mediterranean waters offer a perfect combination to start your day with a quick swim and some tanning.

And for all the sports fans out there, Barcelona it´s also the home to the famous Barcelona FC, football fans flock to Barcelona’s Camp Nou to watch the Barça boys work their magic on the field.

Barcelona welcomes around 1 million Americans every year, being the non-European nationality that visits the most. At Eurochange you can change your dollars to Euro in one of our locations. While talking about Europe, the U.K. has the record, with around 18 million visitors. If you are one of those millions, come and change you pound to Euro at Eurochange´s currency exchange offices. To locate us just check out store locator for your money exchange in Barcelona.