Discovering ... El Campello

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Discovering ... El Campello

El Campello, in case you never heard of it before, it’s a town near Alicante right in the coast. And talking about coast, El Campello has no less than 23 km of coast. If you know a bit of Spanish you will be asking yourself: Why if it is a coastal town, El Campello sounds like campo (countryside) in Spanish? In fact, the name comes from the word campo because this area it was an agricultural area. Same people worked on the fields and take the boats out to fish in the past as their way of living. 
At the begging of the past century El Campello became a town and gained its independence form the city of Alicante. Even that shows El Campello as a young city there are many historical buildings and monuments because the town, as part of Alicante, has many years.  

This small paradise it has all a city has to offer but with the surrounds of a town. It can be the best place to retire and enjoy your life. Even El Campello has amazing beaches and many buildings along the seaside, there is not the typical party beach city of Alicante. There is a calming aroma around this small town where you can at the same time be at the café listening to some relax music or take a few steps and dip your feet at the Mediterranean waters. But El Campello has more to offer, lets name a few amazing sites in this marvelous town. 

Queens Baths in El Campello

The name comes from the legend that some Muslim queen used to bath in these waters, but in fact it was built by the roman to form different pools to keep different fishes separated. After the time passed and the water erode the rocks, it became a great place to bath and relax in those squared that once upon the time were used by the romans. 

Torre de la Illeta

This 16th century watchtower is part of the story we mentioned before. The symbol of El Campello was used in the past to protect the shore from pirates. In case of an attack, horsemen will run along the beach to inform the next tower and so on in order to protect the cities.

Fish Auction

Yes, is right, a fish auction. No cars, jewelry or art, fish. Fresh fish auctioned when the boats come after a hard day of work and where, if you are a new habitant or the oldest in town, the only thing that counts its money, the higher bet gets the best fishes.

As I mentioned before, El Campello it is a great place to retire. Quiet town with all the services you would need, along the beach side and …. Fish auctions, what else can you ask for? That’s the reason many people from other countries move to El Campello and form a beautiful multicultural community. 
And of course, what else is in El Campello? that’s right, and Eurochange office. We are there to exchange your currencies into Euros. I know you all want to go into a bidding war with your neighbors for that fresh fish, but I doubt they will take British pounds, so check our location in town and come exchange those pounds to euros and then …. Go get that fish.