Las Hogueras de San Juan (the bonfires of St. John), Alicante

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Las Hogueras de San Juan (the bonfires of St. John), Alicante

Every year during June 24th´s night in Alicante takes place an original celebration involving Fire and Water, but mostly fire. The Hogueras (or bonfires) date back to the early 19th century and this tradition has being delevoping to get where they are nowadays.

There are many stories about the origins of this festivities. The most accepted is the one that dates the origins of this festival many many centuries ago when Spanish towns and villages celebrated the Summer Solstice with purifying bonfires. In the Alicante area, the agricultural workers celebrated the longest day of the year for harvesting and the shortest night with fires to scare bad spirits that could possibly come and harm them. Others stories tell that the origin lies in the tradition of burning useless objects with the arrival of the summer solstice. There are even stories about how the big stick figures were build to make fun of unwanted neighbours and then set on fire to show them they were not wellcome .

But nowadays the Alicantinos work all year around to build and place throughout the city over 200 large satirical papier mâché statues that are lit on fire on the night of the 24th.

And the tradition continues after the figures are burned with popular “midnight rain”, where firefighters water everybody around the statues to help them cope with the high temperatures and also for the fun of it.

But this is not all Alicante has to offer during the Hogueras festivities. Along with the statues being place and receiving thousands of visits during the week, many others activities are taking place everyday around the city. The daily Mascletàs” (a stunning fireworks and firecrackers competition held from the 20th to the 24th in the Plaza de los Luceros square at 2pm), the proclamation known as the Pregón, the procession of the effigies known as the Cabalgata del Ninot, and parades, with a special floral tribute to the Virgen del Remedio are just some of the many things to see around the city those days.

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But either way, make sure you use this summer dates to enjoy yourself and all Alicante has to offer. From all the Eurochange family we wish you a happy Summer!