Murcia, you are beautiful

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Murcia, you are beautiful

Murcia, a charming and underrated region of Spain. If you’re looking for a hidden gem, somewhere away from the overcrowded tourist-y areas of Spain, this might be the place for you. Officially twinned with Miami, Murcia is the total opposite of the city of vice being a special laid-back provincial capital with an array of interesting sights and a pleasant center which can be easily strolled around. Unlike some of the larger cities in Europe, Murcia is largely uncrowded, with plenty of wide-open spaces where you can reflect and take a moment of calm, making it the perfect city for those who do not like cities. In fact, it has the feel of a small town. But that doesn’t mean that there’s not still loads going on.

Murcia, much like Valencia, is famed for its huerta, a surrounding zone of market gardens dating back to Moorish times, which supply the city's restaurants with excellent fresh produce and drive a thriving tapas scene.

The city is renowned for its gastronomy. In fact, the region of Murcia is often called the “Orchard of Europe”, because its fertile valleys produce much of the fruit and veg which is exported throughout the continent. Murcian cuisine features lots of fresh veggies, as well as amazing seafood from the rich coastline. The region is also well known for its amazing desserts and pastries, so be sure to give some a try.

Next, we will tell you a few things that you can do and places to visit around Murcia, not just in the city but also next to it.

Murcia's Old Town

The heart of Murcia is the beautiful, historic Old Town, full of huge plazas and baroque buildings. Many of the streets are pedestrianized, so this is a gorgeous place to simply stroll around, explore and be awe-inspired. Sit and have a coffee at one of the many cafes and watch the world go by and relax.

Visit the Wine Museum at Bullas

This region of Spain is famous for wine production so why not visit the wine museum? Located in what was previusly one of the largest and most poductive bodegas in Murvia. The building fates back to the early 19th Century and originally used to belong to one od the richest and most influential families in the district, the Melgares of Aguilar. 

Visit the Seaside

Murcia has plenty of seaside towns where you can balm out and get some sun, relax and explore. For the more active amongst us, there are the opportunities to go fishing, diving and snorkeling. From the fishing town of Águilas to the white dunes of the beaches in San Pedro del pinatar, there is stretch kilometer after kilometer of golden sandy beaches to enjoy. Plus, there´s plenty of beach side bars and cafes where you can enjoy the freshest seafood, traditional paellas and maybe a cold beer while you soak up the sun.

Floridablanca Gardens

Did you know that Floridablanca Garden was the first public garden in the whole of Spain? It´s located in the heart of a district called El Carmen which is one of the most charming districts in the city Centre.

The garden is currently an avenue that leads from the entrance nearest to Camachos Square to the statue of José Moñíno, Count of Floridablanca, the work of the Italian S. Baglietto, which was placed in its present location in 1849.

We could be talking about Murcia for many many posts and still not show you even a tenth of what this beautiful city has to offer.

But there is something Murcia has now that did not have before, an Eurochange office. We recently opened an exchange money office on Av. de la Constitución, 9. There you will be able to exchange your currency for Euros no matter where you from. Our agents will provide you with an excellent service and sure they will recommend you some places to visit to fully enjoy your stay in this little but huge gem called Murcia.

We are sure you will be more than happy that you visited this city and at the end of your trip you will make yours the famous Spanish quote ¨Murcia que hermosa eres”, I let you guys to find out what that means.