New money exchange office in El Campello

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New money exchange office in El Campello

Our money exchange office in El Campello opened its doors a few years ago and the time has come to make a renovation.

New money exchange office in El Campello

From today onwards we have a new location in El Campello. We are right next to our old office, in Carrer Sant Bartolomeu 16, local 3, but now we have our own office, bigger and with more services.


Currency exchange in El Campello

In our new office of El Campello you can now enjoy all Eurochange services:

  • · Change foreign currency to Euros
  • · Exchange Euros into foreign currency
  • · Pay in cash or by credit/debit card
  • · Collect your reservations or online purchases
  • · Obtain and use your Eurochange Club card to have better rates


In addition to many other services that we will incorporate in this office such as sending money, transfers, paying tax free or selling digital top ups, excursions and tickets to amusement parks.

Very soon we will tell you all the news and new services that you can find in Eurochange El Campello.

See you there!