10 free things to do in London

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10 free things to do in London

10 free things to do in London

After reading our post "How many Pounds should I bring to London?" (where we help define a budget to travel to London for a week), many clients ask us if traveling to London is expensive. While it is true that there are other European capitals where prices are much cheaper, London also offers plenty of free activities. So in our post today we give you a list of 10 things to do in London totally free.


Big Ben - 10 free things to do in London

1. Big Ben and Parliament of London

Big Ben is the emblem of the city of London. It is one of the most photographed spots, if not the most, and thousands of tourists a year pose from Westminster Bridge to have their snapshot next to Big Ben (with a bit of luck with a typical red double-decker bus passing). Next to it stands the British Parliament Building. This sight is one of the must see on a trip to London.


British Museum - 10 free things to do in London

2. British Museum

Entry to the British Museum is free. You only have to pay for some temporary events or exhibitions. The museum's collection is amazing and reviews all civilizations: ancient Egypt, classical Greece, pre-Columbian cultures, the Middle East and the Far East… It is worth the visit and get lost in its rooms to witness history of humanity.


Hyde Park - 10 free things to do in London

3. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the largest park in central London, where tourists and locals find entertainment and relaxation. One of the options is to have a picnic in the park, sit on a sunny day and enjoy the tranquility. You can also stroll and visit its sources and monuments such as the Diana of Wales Memorial or the Wellington Arch that is next to the southwest entrance of the park. Other activities, these not free, are renting a rowboat or a skate, renting a bike, eating in one of its cafes or, in hot months, enjoying its urban beach.


Changing the guard at Buckingham - 10 free things to do in London

4. Changing the Guard

The changing of the guard is a ceremony staging the end of a shift and the beginning of the new shift of Buckingham Palace guards. The ceremony starts at 10:30 and in total lasts about 45-50 minutes. The changing of the Guard is not celebrated every day and not every day it is accompanied by a music band. On its website you can check dates and times dates and times.


Tower Bridge - 10 free things to do in London

5. Tower Bridge

After Big Ben we would say that the Tower Bridge is the second most visited and photographed place in the city. It is a tilting bridge that rises to make way for river traffic, although today it is not as common as it was on the date of its construction in the 19th century. The internal access is not free, you have to pay about 10 Pounds for the entrance and you can see the process of its construction and understand how its mechanism works. But without a doubt, seeing it from the outside is already an experience. On their website they publish the times that the bridge rises to make way for ships.


Tate Modern - 10 free things to do in London

6. Tate Modern

The Museum of Modern Art in London is known as Tate Modern. Admission is free and you can see works by the most famous modern artists in the world, from Monet to Andy Warhol, including Dalí, Picasso, Matisse and Miró. On the tenth floor of the building there is a panoramic platform to enjoy the views.


Sky Garden  - 10 free things to do in London

7. Sky Garden

A free alternative to the London Eye is the Sky Garden. From this rooftop garden of the building known to Londoners as the Walkie Talkie you can have a beautiful view over the city. Admission is free, but you must make a prior reservation on its website, since seating is limited to avoid crowds. In addition to the views that you can contemplate from the closed room or from the outdoor walkway, there are spaces to have a drink or to sit for a while among the plants that make up its wonderful interior garden.


Trafalgar Square - 10 free things to do in London

8. Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is a square in central London that commemorates the British naval victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. Every year on October 21 a parade is held for this reason. In addition, the square has been a meeting point for demonstrations and celebrations since its construction. In the square stands out the column on which is the statue of Horatio Nelson (admiral who died in battle) guarded by four bronze lions.



9. London Museum

To know the history of the soil you are treading on, nothing better than a visit to the London Museum. In its exhibition, a journey through the history of the city is made from the first settlements by the river to the present day, passing through the Roman Londinium, the medieval period, the Civil War, the Great Fire or the Victorian period. A perfect visit to delve into history in a very entertaining way.


Picadilly Circus - 10 free things to do in London

10. Picadilly Circus

Another of the emblematic places of the city is Picadilly Circus. This intersection of streets crowded with fashion and technology stores is famous for its advertising screens (which were posters a few years ago). It is a bustling place, full of people and cars almost at all hours. But it is the perfect place to do your shopping as the main fashion stores are located on nearby Regent Street. They say that if you sit at the Shaftesbury Fountain for an hour you find someone you know.


Aside from this selection, there are more museums and more free activities to do in London. So don't worry if you're not traveling on a big budget, since you can do a lot of things without spending a Pound. In addition, just strolling through streets surrounded by victorian houses, through the City or contemplating the thousands of monuments that the city hides, it will have been worth it.


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