5 not crowded destinations to travel after COVID

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5 not crowded destinations to travel after COVID

A few weeks ago we were already making predictions on our blog about what it will be like to travel after COVID. And in our post today we want to let our minds fly and we propose 5 non-crowded destinations to travel after COVID without rushing, without queues of people wherever you go and with much to do and discover. Take note.


Cathedral of Brno, Czech Republic
Cathedral of Brno, Czech Republic

1. Brno, Czech Republic

While the capital of the Czech Republic is usually a busy and hectic city, Brno is a charming city with a quieter pace of life in which to enjoy a few days of vacation.

Around the Market Square is the old town of Brno with its cobbled streets and a wide range of bars and restaurants. In this area you can visit the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul from the 12th century, in the Old Town Hall (also a tourist information point) or the Moravian Gallery in Brno with its modern art exhibitions. On the Petrov hill that rises next to the old city, is the Spilberk Castle that was a royal residence and military fortress, from where you can also get one of the best panoramic views of the city.

Like other better-known imperial cities, Brno has large avenues for shopping and numerous parks and garden areas. And in its surroundings there are also many nature options to choose from, such as spending the day in the forests near the Brno Dam or visiting the Moravian Karst with its 1,100 caverns and canyons.


Kungsleden Trail, Sweden
Kungsleden Trail, Sweden

2. Kungsleden, Sweden

The Royal Trail of Sweden is the equivalent of the Camino de Santiago in Spain (without religious attributes). It is a 400-kilometer route between the towns of Abisko and Hemavan, in the northwest of the country.

Along the trail, 4 National Parks with their different landscapes are crossed. From typically alpine areas to low mountain forests, crossing the Arctic Circle. Although the hottest months are the busiest, the wide expanse of the terrain (and the laid-back character of the Swedes) keep it a peaceful experience.

The accommodation options along the way are varied, from cabins or lodges to hostels or there are even free camping options.

On the website of the Swedish Tourism Association you can find more information about the route, the different stages you can do, accommodation options and everything you need to know to organize your trip.


Voronet Monastery, Romania
Voronet Monastery, Romania

3. Bucovina Region, Romania

The Bucovina region is located in the northwest of Romania, in one of the mountainous areas of the Romanian Carpathians. This region is known for its Painted Monasteries that are decorated both inside and outside, by frescoes painted between the 15th and 16th centuries.

The Painted Monasteries are part of the group of Churches of Moldavia (Romania) recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993. The most famous Painted Monastery is the Voroneț Monastery. His paintings in blue tones stand out. The list goes on with the Arbore Monastery, the Humor Monastery, the Moldovița Monastery, the Pătrăuți Church of the Holy Cross, the Probota Monastery, the Church of St. George in Suceava and the Sucevița Monastery.

The best option to visit them at your own pace is to stay in Suceava, Botoșani or Piatra Neamț and plan the visit with a rental car. Although there are also travel agencies that organize day trips from different cities.


View of Holyhead in United Kingdom
View of Holyhead in United Kingdom

4. Holyhead, UK

About two hours east of Liverpool, across the Isle of Anglesey, is Holyhead. Holyhead is located on Holy Island and is the perfect place to spend a few days, tour the area and discover a Welsh area that is not very crowded by tourists.

In the city there are several attractions that are worth visiting such as the Church of Saint Cybi surrounded by an ancient Roman wall or the Maritime Museum. But, without a doubt, the most appealing thing is to walk through its streets among local shops and restaurants, taste the local fish and seafood or take a walk along the sea until you reach the port.

Holyhead is one of the points that the Anglesey Sea Trail runs through. This trail skirts the entire island of Anglesey and runs through beautiful landscapes. In the closest section you can travel north towards the port, pass by Soldier's Point House, reach Parc Gwledig Morglawdd Caergybi park, then go up to North Stack (the northernmost part of the island) and go down to South Stack where you find the lighthouse.

Another option is to rent a car and visit the charming villages of Holy Island and Anglesey and see their coasts, their forts, their ruins and all the attractions they offer.


View of Ägeri Lake, Switzerland
View of Ägeri Lake, Switzerland

5. Ägerisee, Switzerland

Switzerland is known for being the country of the Alps, the cantons and the lakes. The lake that we present to you in today's post is Ägerisee, or Lake Ägeri, about 40 kilometers south of Zurich and surrounded by mountains and green meadows.

The two main locations on the lake are Unterägeri (the largest) and Oberägeri, although there are other small populated areas around the entire lake. From the mountains Zugerberg (to the northwest) or Morgartenberg (to the south) there are spectacular views of the entire lake. But hiking and mountain walks are not the only option for active tourism in the area, since there is a wide range of activities such as kayaking or boat trips and, in winter, snow sports.

The preferred accommodation option in the area is camping. Not in vain there are several campsites where you can enjoy a quiet holiday.

And if you want to know more about the area, about 15 minutes by car or by public transport, you will find Zug, the capital of the canton. In Zug you will find more animation and a greater offer of shops and restaurants.


Are you already packing your suitcase? We hope we have inspired you with these options for low-mass and affordable tourism to travel in Europe as soon as the Coronavirus restrictions leave us. What trip would you like to do as soon as possible? Are you also considering a non-mass tourism option?

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See you soon!