5 Places you should not miss in Scotland

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5 Places you should not miss in Scotland

Scotland is a country where you'll find lots of nature, culture and traditions. Whether you plan to travel soon, or not, do not miss this post where we tell you about five essential points.

Edinburgh Castle

Among the hundreds of monuments and attractions you'll find in the city of Edimburgh, certainly one that should not be missed is its castle. In it you will see the Scottish Crown Jewels and the Royal Scottish Treasury plus other exhibitions. At one, every day of the year the Thirteen Hours Canyon fire and the views of the entire city will blow you away. Plan your visit: Edinburgh castle

Loch Ness It is not the largest of the lakes of Scotland, but is the most famous one (around the world) thanks to its famous inhabitant: the Loch Ness Monster. Legends aside, you can take a boat trip across Lake and learn about the attractions in the area or why not choose a hiking trail for a day surrounded by nature. Plan your visit: Visiti nverness lochness

William Wallace National Monument Near the city of Stirling stands a tower 70 meters high that pays tribute to Sir William Wallace, a Scottish soldier who fought for the independence of Scotland in the XIII century. In it you will learn more about the real character who inspired the movie "Braveheart". To ascend to the top of the tower you must climb the 200 steps of its spiral staircase, not suitable for claustrophobic but absolutely worth it. Plan your visit: National wallace monument


It is one of the most famous whiskey distilleries of Scotland located on the island Islay where you can try the "liquid smoke" which in 2015 celebrates its 200th anniversary. There you will learn about the process of making whiskey, from cultivation to bottling. And you can go through the gift shop and buy a few souvenirs of your visit. Plan your visit: Laphroaig

Kelvingrove Gallery The Kelvingrove Art Gallery is located in the city of Glasgow. This gallery houses is one of the largest art collections in Europe. Admission is free and you can find everything from French Impressionism to objects of culture on five continents. Plan your visit: Glasgowlife

Visit the website of tourism in Scotland to learn more about these places, plan your trip and learn more about the country.

Remember that in Scotland you can pay either with English or Scottish pounds and you can reserve in advance to have them available for the time of your trip. 

What else would you include in your list of "Must Have's Things to do in Scotland"?