5 romantic getaways by 2020

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5 romantic getaways by 2020

Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not, a weekend getaway as a couple can be perfect to escape from the routine and enjoy the company. Today we propose 5 destinations to prepare your romantic plan within 3 hours by plane.

Romantic getaway in Paris

Paris (France)

The city of love is the perfect setting for a couple getaway. Although it is a city in which some of the most important historical events in contemporary history have happened and where there is much to see, for a romantic getaway you can just stroll through the Champs Elysées at sunset, see how the lighting of Eiffel Tower turns on or taste wines and cheeses from the region. A walk on the banks of the Seine will be the perfect weekend for an evening in the city. And of course don't forget to try their croissants and their perfect crepes to share a romantic breakfast.

Romantic getaway in Vienna

Vienna (Austria)

During the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in the second half of the 19th century, Vienna was one of the most important cities worldwide in terms of culture, art, politics, finance,... Despite the wars that have passed through it, Vienna retains great part of its imperial charm, in its streets you can still hear waltzes played by street musicians, horse cars travel the center for tourists and its palaces offer outdoor gardens where you can walk. In addition, its cafes continue to retain a classic charm and in them you can taste an authentic Viennese coffee with a piece of Sacher cake.

Romantic getaway in Budapest

Budapest (Hungary)

Budapest is known as the Pearl of the Danube and it is not in vain. It is another of the main cities of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and, as such, retains some of that decadent splendor. Its classic buildings contrast with the Soviet constructions of the 20th century. Margarita Island is a perfect setting for sunset walks or a picnic if the weather is good. To make your stay the most relaxing, the city offers several spas where you can relax.

Romantic getaway in Prague

Prague (Czech Republic)

Prague is one of the most visited European cities every year. Its old city preserves relics of the Middle Ages and encourages visitors to walk its cobbled streets contemplating its beauty. From the viewpoint of Petřín, on the other side of the Vltava River, you can see the best view of Prague and see why it is known as the city of one hundred towers.

Romantic getaway in Verona

Verona (Italy)

Verona is one of the main cities in Italy, but what is known throughout the world is for being the setting where the story of Romeo and Juliet unfolds. Among Roman ruins, palazzos and medieval buildings, you will discover a city of alleyways, cafes and trattorias where to spend a few days in the city where (it is supposed) the most famous love story in history took place. Do not forget to visit Juliet's house, in whose courtyard thousands of visitors leave love letters.


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What will be your romantic getaway in 2020?