5 things to see in Prague

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Blog > Travels > Czech Republic

5 things to see in Prague

If you are going to spend your summer holidays in a European capital, we recommend you to travel to Prague. Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and it has nothing to envy to the main European capitals.


To the end of August or during the month of September are good moments for visiting the city. The temperature is about 20 degrees what it is good for walking  the streets and to know the city. However, don´t forget to put a raincoat or an umbrella in your bag, just in case.


Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic
Old Town Square - Prague, Czech Republic


Old City, Church of Our Lady and Astronomical Clock

Old Town is the tourist center of Prague. It is an area where live medieval monuments, shops, churches, accommodation, cafes and restaurants.  Strolling through the cobbled streets is mandatory if you want to visit two of the essentials of the city: The Church of Our Lady and the Astronomical Clock. Both are located in the Old Town Square and are of the 14th and 15th centuries respectively.


Night view of the Castle of Prague - Czech Republic
Prague Castle - Prague, Czech Republic


Prague Castle

It is the world’s largest ancient castle. It dates from 19th century and the site houses the Prague Cathedral, the convent of St. George, the Powder Tower and the Golden Lane among other attractions as well as museums and gardens to stroll around. Inside the castle the jewels in the crown of Bohemia are saved, though you can not see them because they are shown to the public only very occasionally.


Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic
Charles bridge - Prague, Czech Republic


Charles Bridge and Vltava River

King Charles IV ordered the construction of this bridge, it is the first to cross the Vltava River. It is the oldest bridge that is conserved throughout the country. You can walk through it and see the sculptures it contains, but certainly the best picture you can take it from a public area located on the river bank, next to the Museum of Frank Kafka (another of the attractions if you are interested in philosophy).


Prague National Museum - Prague, Czech Republic
Prague National Museum - Prague, Czech Republic


Prague National Museum

Whether you like to see museums or not, go to visit Wenceslas Square, where the impressive building that houses the main building of the Museum is located. And if you dare to enter will not be disappointed. At present, the main building is closed for renovation, but you can visit the other 10 buildings that make up the entire museum.


John Lennon wall in Mala Strana - Prague, Czech Republic
John Lennon Wall - Prague, Czech Republic


Mala Strana and John Lennon Wall

Mala Strana is one of the oldest districts of Prague and is located at the foot of the Castle. This is a neighborhood where tradicionally resided the nobility, well preserved in which you can find palaces and gardens. One of the attractions of the most recent history is the John Lennon Wall. After the death of the singer, it appeared his portrait painted on the wall. Written messages, despite the efforts of the authorities to destroy them, challenged the system and reappeared followed. Despite the changes that have occurred since the date remains a place where sentences for peace, equality, human rights and, above all, pays tribute to the artist with phrases of his songs and graffiti they are expressed.

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Have a good trip!