5 tips for traveling to Denmark

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5 tips for traveling to Denmark

Are you going to travel soon to Denmark? Get ready for a Christmas fairytale. Below we give you 5 tips for a magical winter holiday in the Danish territory.

Christmas market - Tívoli garden

1. Christmas markets

In the northern regions the Christmas atmosphere is intense and on the street! In spite of the low temperatures, the Danish themselves love to go for a walk, buy typical products, have a glass of Gløgg (mulled wine that is often taken at the time of Advent) or a small snack between friends in the many christmas markets which are installed throughout the country. Since mid-November you'll find christmas markets by parks and squares and you'll be captivated by the Christmas spirit.

2. Weather

The Danish winter begins in December, however if you have chosen to travel at the end of November, you'll find low temperatures with a minimum of 0 ºC and maximum of 12 or even some drizzle of sleet. Bring warm clothing and a good insulating shoes will be the key to success. If everything is waterproof, much better.

3. The currency

The official currency in Denmark is the Danish krone. We recommend that you exchange your euros to krone before your trip, especially to pay for the first "purchases" such as tickets for public transport or taxis that take you from the airport to the hotel. It is also advisable to carry cash in DKK to pay in those places where they do not accept bank card. If you pay with your bank card, you should inform before the travel and ask about the commissions charged for making payments in foreign currencies. You can check the exchange rate of the danish krone (DKK) in Eurochange

gingerbread biscuits

4. Christmas Cuisine

The star dish of the Danish christmas is pork roast with potatoes and red cabbage. However, you should not pass up the opportunity to taste typical dishes such as salmon or herring. As for the drink you'll find a wide variety of wines and beers. However, we recommend that you look for Julebryg, this is a special beer for Christmas that the Tuborg factory (one of the major Danish beers) makes a little stronger and darker than normal. If you're more a sweet tooth, you'll love the classic gingerbread biscuits.

Mermaid of Copenhague

5. The little mermaid in Copenhagen

The little mermaid in Copenhagen is the most famous symbol of the city. The legend says that a fisherman from the city was bewitched by a mermaid on the edges of the port while he was fishing. Finally the mermaid resigned her immortality in exchange for being endowed with the aspect of a woman and to be able to live happily together with her beloved. It is located in the bay of Copenhagen, close to the port. If you are visiting the city, you won't want to leave without be photographed next to this enigmatic monument.

Whether we have convinced you of the charms of this country and your now preparing a suitcase or  already had a trip planned, remember that in Eurochange you can exchange your euros to DKK at the best rates. You can also make a reservation to ensure that your amount is available for the date of your trip.

You can also find more information on Denmark in its tourism website: Visit Denmark

Bon voyage!