A walk through the Old Town of Benidorm

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Blog > Travels > Benidorm

A walk through the Old Town of Benidorm

A walk through the Old Town of Benidorm

A sunny autumn (or winter, or spring) day may be perfect for a walk and discover the Old Town of Benidorm. Walk its streets and discover the best views of the beaches of Levante and Poniente. And, if your visit coincides with the second weekend of November (during Benidorm Fiestas), you may find flower offerings, peñas, bands or processions that will make you enjoy the traditional festive atmosphere of the city.

Map of the walk through Old Town

Click the map to enlarge

The Old Town is on what is known as Punta de Canfali and it is the first settlement of the inhabitants of the city. Nowadays it is a very pleasant area to know and a great tourist interest.

Let’s go for a walk!

Plaza Canalejas - Benidorm

Plaza Canalejas with Levante beach at the end

We begin our tour in Plaza Canalejas (1), at the beginning of the Levante beach. In this square is the Torrejo Municipal Center building, where you will see a tourist information point. Here you can get a map of the city and also information on all the leisure, tourist and cultural offer of the city. In this building was the city council until 2003.

Door og the Church of San Jaime and Santa Ana - Benidorm

Main entrance to the church

We go up the first slope that we found, along Calle Médico Cosme Bayona and we arrive at the door of the Church of San Jaime and Santa Ana (2). This church is the oldest in Benidorm and was built in the second half of the 18th century.

Inside the Church is the image of the Virgen del Sufragio, patron saint of Benidorm since her discovery intact among the ashes of a ship in the year 1740. If you want to know more about this historical fact, the second Saturday of November, before the offering of flowers, on the beach next to the Parque de Elche (the dove park), there is a representation of it.

Plaza San Jaime - Benidorm

San Jaime square with the church at the end

The square in front of the church is the Plaza de San Jaime (3) that leads to a viewpoint to Levante beach.

Plaza Castelar - Benidorm

Plaza Castelar with the domes and the anchor

Cala del Mal Pas and the Marina

Views from Castelar square

We continue climbing going under the arch that follows the facade of the church to reach the Plaza Castelar (4). From this square you can see the two blue domes of the church. In addition to a mosaic made in honor of the Virgen del Sufragio in 1992. In this square is also an anchor donated to the city by the Spanish Navy in 2007. From here you can look out to contemplate the Cala del Mal Pas, the marina and Poniente Beach.

Plaza Santa Ana - Benidorm

Cannons on Santa Ana square

We continue ascending to the Plaza de Santa Ana (5) where we will find four iron cannons each pointing to a cardinal point. These guns belonged to the old castle that was located at the top of the Old Town. A curious fact is that the people of Benidorm know the Old Town in a popular way as "the Castle". And visitors are surprised to be called that way when there is no castle. This is because the castle that was in the city (more a fortress than a castle) was destroyed in the 19th century. The little that remains of this place of defense today are these four guns.

Plaza del Castillo - Benidorm

Old well - Benidorm

Mirador del Castillo - Benidorm

Plaza del Castillo, old well and the viewpoint

We go up the stairs that we find on the right or the left of the square to reach the Plaza del Castillo (6). In this square there is a wooden pergola with benches to sit and rest and enjoy the views. Behind it is a well, which is an old cistern that was in use for several centuries to supply water to the inhabitants. At the end of the square we find a staircase that goes down to the Mirador del Castillo (7) where you can have a 360 degree view of the two beaches of Benidorm. A few meters from the viewpoint, in the sea, there is a metal structure. It is the old geyser of the city. One of its tourist attractions until a few years ago when it stopped working due to the erosion it caused in the rocks of the castle.

Plaza de la Señoría - Benidorm

Plaza de la Señoría

From this point we take the road back up the stairs again and following the balustrade that we find on the left. We return to the Plaza de Santa Ana and Plaza Castelar and continue down the small corridor that is behind the church to reach the Plaza de la Señoría (8). In this square during the summer nights there is a market with handicrafts. On one side there is a sculpture formed by an anchor and two figures of men surrounded by water. It is a monument to the dead in the sea since Benidorm has a strong fishing tradition.

Lighthouse promenade - Benidorm

Breakweather walk

We continue our walk again following the balustrade on our left until we reach the stairs (9) that will take us down to the Marina. From here we can walk the breakwater to the lighthouse having one of the best views of the Old Town.

Benidorm Old Town view

View to Benidorm's Old Town from the promenade


Do we take a break?

In the Old Town and surroundings, British establishments, cocktail bars and tapas bars coexist in harmony. If you fancy a break and have a drink, you will only have to go down the streets of Santa Faz or Alicante to find a varied gastronomic offer in a few minutes.

Boca del Calvari Museum - Benidorm

Entrance of Boca del Calvari Museum, at Calle Tomás Ortuño

We hope we have encouraged you to take a walk through the oldest part of the city and discover a little more about its history. If you want to know a little more about the city, go to the Boca del Calvari Museum (10), where there are usually exhibitions of the history of Benidorm.

If you are in the area and need a currency exchange office, in our office on Paseo de la Carretera you can make your exchange with the best rate and without commissions. You will only have to go down Calle Santa Faz and you will find us right in front of you.

Enjoy your stay!