Basic prices in... Oslo (Norway)

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Basic prices in... Oslo (Norway)

One of the questions we usually ask ourselves when preparing a trip is how much money we should take. There are destinations where it is easier because the prices are similar or because they use the same currency (as it happens in all countries of the Euro zone) so we do not have to worry about carrying money changed or making card payments. But there are destinations where the task is made more complicated by the change of currency and the difference in prices. This is the case of Norway, where the official currency is the Norwegian Krone, its value is not similar to that of the Euros o Pounds and, moreover, the prices there are well above the prices of the countries of southern Europe.

So in our post today we are going to review the basic prices of Oslo to help you decide how much money to take to travel to Norway.

In the restaurants

If we think that eating cheap is eating for 10-15 Euros per person (or less), then eating cheap in Oslo is not easy. To give you an idea, a normal-size Big Mac menu at McDonlads will not fall below 100 NOK (about 10 Euros). There are alternatives to spend 150-200 NOK (16-22 Euros) per person, without drinks included, in restaurants such as pizzerias, kebab, burgers or oriental restaurants. They are not usually very elaborate dishes and are simple (we are talking about a margherita pizza, for example) but you can eat for a more affordable price. If you decide to try the local cuisine, in a restaurant you can pay 400-500 NOK (about 44-55 Euros) per person for a main dish and a dessert.

Royal Palace in Oslo, Norway

The gardens of the Royal Palace may be a good place to make a picnic in Oslo

You can always compensate for a few days of higher spending on restaurants with shopping in a supermarket to prepare some snacks and some fruit and have a picnic in one of the parks in the city (which is a fairly common custom when the weather is nice) or if you visit the lake areas and surrounding nature.

In the restaurants the water is free and they serve it to you in jars and quite cold. You can ask for all you want. But if you want to order a beer, you will pay peacefully between 80-100 NOK (8-10 Euros).


Visits and activities

First of all, don’t be scared. There are free activities and many places to see in Oslo without spending money. You can tour the Vigeland park (and take the opportunity to have a picnic that day), enter the Akershus Fortress (without a visit to the castle) or stroll through the Opera and its surroundings in the Town centre.

Folkemuseum in Oslo, Norway

Outdoor spaces of the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

Here you have a list of the prices of the main tourist attractions, but keep in mind that, if you buy the Oslo Pass, you will have free entrance fees to some of these museums as well as other activities and discounts.

Akershus Fortress: the entrance is free. The guided tour costs 60 NOK (6 Euros)

Norway Opera: walking outside and roof is free. The guided tour is 100 NOK (10 Euros). Seeing a function costs between 300 and 1000 NOK (33-110 Euros) depending on what you want to see.

Museum of Viking ships and Historical Cultural Museum: the entrance costs 100 NOK (about 10 Euros) per person and is valid for the two museums in 48 hours.

FRAM Museum: NOK 120 (12 Euros)

Norwegian Museum of Cultural History: 160 NOK (16 Euros)

Munch Museum: NOK 120 (12 Euros)



Oslo has a good transport network that includes buses, trams, ferries and metro. The single ticket costs 36 NOK (about 4 Euros) and can be used for 1 hour if you have to change. If you buy the ticket directly on the bus it is 20 NOK more expensive (2 Euros).

Tram in Oslo, Norway

Usually, people use public transport, but if you decide to take a taxi, the prices to go or return to Gardemoen Airport are 750-850 NOK (82-92 Euros) depending on where you stay. There is also a train service (Flytoget) that costs about 190 NOK per ride (about 20 Euros) and a bus (Flybussen) which costs about 180 NOK.

The best option if you are going to use transport and visit some museums, is to buy the Oslo Pass. With this card you will have included transport, tickets, discounts on attractions and restaurants,... for 1, 2 or 3 days for 445 NOK, 655 NOK and 820 NOK respectively.

Find the best accomodations in Oslo


The average price of a double room, with private bathroom, per night is about 1200-1500 NOK (between 130-160 Euros more or less). Are not there cheaper options? Of course. You can find options for half the price (or even less) if you move a little away from the center or if you opt for options such as hostels and B&B. If you're looking for something very, very cheap, there are hostels where, sharing a room and bathroom, you can pay about 300 NOK (about 30 Euros).



In bars and restaurants it is usually left between 5% and 10% of the total bill as tip, as long as the service and food have been good. It is not obligatory, it is up to you. In other services such as hotels, taxis, etc. Tipping is not common. But a good service or help in case of need, can always be compensated with a tip.


Trick to calculate prices

We show you a trick to calculate the prices in Norwegian Krones and know more or less what they are in Euros. When you see a price in NOK, remove the two leading zeros and duplicate the first number. E.g., 100 NOK would be 11 Euros, 500 NOK would be 55 Euros, 800 NOK would be 88 Euros, 5 NOK would be 5.50 Euros. It is an approximate change, but useful to make the calculation fast for amounts under 1000 NOK.


As we have said, prices in Norway are generally much higher than in other European countries. Calculate your budget based on the days you are in the country and the activities you want to do. Always carry a card for incidentals, but keep in mind that you may pay high fees for using it in a non-Euro country.

If you want to buy your Norwegian Krones right now, place your order on our website and recieve them at homr or pick them up in an office in 24-48 hours.

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Enjoy your trip!