Basic prices in... Stockholm (Sweden)

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Basic prices in... Stockholm (Sweden)

If you are planning a trip to Sweden, you may wonder how much money to take. When we think about traveling to Sweden, as with other countries in northern Europe, we think that it is a very expensive country. It is true that it is not the most affordable country to visit, but today we are going to give you some indications so that you have a more real idea of ​​the country's prices. Although everything will depend on the area you visit and the style of your trip (it is not the same a backpacker trip than going to a 5-star hotel).

Gamla Stan street with caffees and restaurants


To eat

As it could happen in any other destination in the world, in Sweden you can find restaurants for all budgets. Among the cheapest options are fast food restaurants, pizzerias, kebabs or breweries where you can eat and have a beer for 150 or 200 SEK (15 or 20 Euros) per person. In medium-priced restaurants, dishes can cost between 150 and 300 SEK (15 and 30 Euros). Of course, it is very common to see the "special’s of the day" or Dagens Rätt. It usually includes salad, a drink and coffee and costs around 100 SEK (10 Euros).

On Tripadvisor you can see a list of Stockholm restaurants sorted by type of cuisine and prices.


Cultural visits

Many of the things to see in Stockholm are free: stroll through Gamla Stan, see the Stortorget square, stroll through its parks and gardens, contemplate the views of the islands,...

Vasa Museum

But if you are passionate about visiting museums and immersing yourself in local culture and art, in Stockholm you will find a large number of museums that you won’t want to miss. Here you have the prices of the main ones:


The visit to these museums would cost you about 110 Euros. So if you want to see everything possible for the lowest price, think about the option to buy a Stockholm Pass. This card allows entry to 60 tourist attractions, unlimited trips on the tourist bus and a city guide. Prices range from 595 SEK (63 Euros) for one day to 1,295 (137 Euros) SEK for 5 days.



One of the charms of Stockholm is to know the city on foot. Stroll through its streets, cross the bridges that connect the islands and enjoy discovering its charms. But there are several options when it comes to moving around the city.

From April to October you can rent a bicycle with the City Bikes service. There is a season card that costs 250 SEK (26 Euros) and one for three days that costs 165 SEK 17 Euros.

If you buy a Stockholm Pass card to visit the tourist attractions of the city, you can also add a Travelcard. Prices are 125 SEK (13 Euros) for one day and 250 SEK (26 Euros) for three days. This transport card allows unlimited travel throughout the public transport network of the city: bus, train, metro, boat or commuter train. In addition, with this card transportation to and from Arlanda airport costs only an extra 120 SEK (12 Euros) per way, instead of the 280 SEK (29 Euros) that the Arlanda Express costs, for example.

Visiting the islands that surround Stockholm is a totally recommendable experience. You can visit inhabited islands or the smallest ones where nobody lives. The tickets for a single trip go from 50 (5 Euros) to 150 SEK (15 Euros). There are passes for five days for 445 SEK (47 Euros) or even a month for 790 SEK (83 Euros).


At the hotel

The average price of a double room in a central hotel in Stockholm is between 950 and 1400 SEK per night (100-150 Euros). Although you can also find hostels and B&Bs for cheaper prices.



One of the issues that most worries some travelers is the tips, since there are places where leaving a tip is frowned upon. But this is not the case in Stockholm. Although it is not mandatory, in bars and restaurants it’s usual to give around 10% of the total price. In hotels it is not very common to give tips, but it is left if we have been attended to any special request or the deal has been very good. And as for transport, in taxis it is common to round the price as a tip.

If you want to learn more about the customs of Sweden or discover more things to see and do during your trip, we recommend that you visit the Swedish tourism website: Visit Sweden.


One last tip

The prices in Euros that we have given in this post are rounded and calculated with the price of the day of publication 0,10596 €. A simple trick to calculate how much each thing costs once you are in Sweden is to multiply the price in SEK by 0.11 (which is more or less the price we pay for each Swedish Krona). So if you see something that costs 10 SEK, the approximate price in Euros will be € 1.10. Something that costs 100 SEK will be 11 Euros. Simple, right?

Stockholm panoramic views

If you already know that Sweden is going to be your next destination, buy your Swedish Krones at the best price on our website. You can pick them up or receive them at your home in 24-48 hours.

Have a good trip!