Do I need a Vaccination Passport to travel in 2021?

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Do I need a Vaccination Passport to travel in 2021?

With the start of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, many new questions are emerging. Some of them still unanswered, but some of the unknowns are being cleared up. The one that most worries people who want or must travel in 2021 is whether it will be necessary to have a Vaccination Passport to travel in 2021. And the answer is… there is no answer to date.

IATA plans the creation of an application for vaccines and medical certificates


Vaccine Passport to travel after COVID

In the same way that there are destinations asking travelers for negative PCR tests to allow entry to countries or regions, there are those who demand that Vaccine Passports be issued to prove whether a person is vaccinated against COVID and to be able to move freely. And this idea has its adherents and detractors because it also has advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages and disadvantages of the Vaccine Passport

The main advantage that creating a Vaccine Passport would have is that citizens would be protected by ensuring that travelers entering and leaving the country have been vaccinated. Supporters of the COVID Vaccine Passport argue that, in the same way that freedom of movement is currently limited by requesting a negative PCR, a vaccination document will have to be included in the coming months so that vaccinated people do not have to undergo the diagnostic test.

On the other hand, the main drawback of the Vaccine Passport is the limitation of the freedoms of those who have not been vaccinated. And, in addition to the detractors who will not want to be vaccinated, there is a part of the population with severe allergies that will not be able to be vaccinated. There are already those who warn of the danger of creating this division in citizenship after hearing proposals such as that of the Prime Minister of Israel to allow access to Shopping Centers and other establishments only to vaccinated people.

What most countries seem to agree on is the need to take joint measures, so that the requirements are the same and there are no unilateral decisions. In addition, it would be necessary to develop the necessary technology to be able to issue Vaccine Passports that could not be falsified and were valid throughout the world.

Some international airlines reported a few weeks ago that they are expected to require travelers to provide proof of having received the vaccine. For this they would have to change their conditions of sale. But not only that. This decision could not be made by airlines unilaterally, they must have government authorization to do so. For its part, IATA (International Air Transport Association) is developing an APP, IATA Travel Pass, to contain health and vaccination information.

While the issue is being debated, the mass vaccination process follows different rhythms in the different countries that have already had access to the vaccine and there is still no vaccination date for the majority of the world's population. We will still have to wait a few weeks (or months) to know what will happen. Meanwhile, stay safe!