5 Things to know to organize a trip to China

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5 Things to know to organize a trip to China

China has become a very popular and demanded destination for foreign tourists. Its beauty, its culture and its history are an attraction for millions of traveling tourists from around the world.

Beijing, China

If you are also going to travel to China, either organizing the trip on your own or with an organized package, we tell you 5 things that you have to keep in mind so that your trip does not have any setback.

  1. Visa

A tourist visa is required to enter China. The validity of the visa and the duration of the stay will be authorized by consular employees depending on the situation of each traveler.

How to get a visa to travel to China?

First of all, to apply for a visa you must present, in addition to your Passport, your travel documents such as airline tickets, train tickets, hotel reservations of at least 50% of the stay,… So you must have your trip planned in advance.

The Chinese Embassy has two visa application centers in Spain: one in Madrid and one in Barcelona. It can also be processed by mail through the Madrid headquarters.

The necessary documentation to obtain the tourist visa is:

  • Passport with at least 6 months of validity and with 2 blank pages for the visa to fit.
  • Form filled online on the website of the office where the application will be processed and a photo.
  • For unemployed people, a balance certificate must be attached to the account of 1,000 Euros and at least 100 Euros per day of stay in China. That is, if your stay is 10 days, you must have 1,000 Euros plus 100x10 days. In total 2,000 Euros.
  • If you travel to see Chinese friends or relatives or foreigners residing in China, you will also need an invitation letter.

The visa application date must be done between three months and one month before the trip and the process takes about 10 days as long as the documentation is correct. The visa price is from € 126.55 as of the date of this post. This price may go up if the paperwork is done by mail for documentation shipments.

If you travel through a travel agency, they usually offer the option to process it for organized trips. In addition there are private companies that also process it online.


  1. Restricted internet access in China

Access to many pages or applications that we use on a daily basis is restricted in China. So, even if you are looking for areas with free Wi-Fi, you may not be able to find what you need. Fortunately there are companies like HolaFly in which you can buy Internet access cards for China and you can use WhatsApp, Facebook and whatever you want.


  1. Language

We won’t tell you that it is necessary to speak Chinese to travel to China, but you have to keep in mind that it is not usual for people to speak English and much less Spanish. In the hotels of the most tourist areas they do speak English (at least a little bit). But in rural areas, public transport, monuments, etc. You may not find anyone who understands you in a foreign language.

So, a useful add-on is a pocket dictionary or one of those in which usual phrases are already translated. You will also find the mobile translator very useful, but beware, there are places where you may not have coverage.


  1. Currency exchange

The official currency in China is the Yuan or Renminbi. Is the same. Keep in mind that you will need to change Euros to Yuan. We always recommend carrying at least a portion of the trip money in cash. In China they accept card or other digital means of payment in many places, but there are also those in which they do not accept payments of foreign cards.

So our recommendation is to be safe and carry the cash already changed. This way you will avoid having to change in Airports where you will be charged a very high commission or having to waste your vacation time in looking for somewhere to make the change.

If you are organizing your trip to China, you can now buy the Chinese Yuan you need and we will send them to you in 1-2 days.

Buy Chinese Yuan online


  1. Travel insurance

Health in China is expensive. Also, in slightly more rural areas, health services may not be what you expected. So it is advisable to arrange health insurance for your trip. In this way, if you need it, you will have coverage in the country for any incident. The prices are not very expensive and there are many companies that already offer these types of policies.


Are you preparing a trip to China? What more preparations are you doing?