4 European cities to visit in autumn

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4 European cities to visit in autumn

With the arrival of autumn the days begin to become shorter, the temperatures begin to fall, the trees begin to dye of ocher and it seems that already must to be ready for the hibernation. But don’t be discouraged, the end of summer may involve planning a holiday or autumn break in one of these 4 European cities where you will enjoy these months before winter.

Zurich, Swizerland
View of Zurich, Swizerland


We stayed in the northern part of the Alps, but this time it's Zurich's turn in Switzerland. As usual the gardens and parks on the banks of the river change the landscape. A good option is to rent a car in Zurich and spend a day touring Lake Zurich, getting to know the little towns that surround it. The drive from Zurich to Uznach (at the other end of the lake) doesn’t reach 60 kilometers and is a good way to get around the city.

Wroclaw, Poland
Caffes in Wroclaw, Poland
Gnomes in Wroclaw, Poland
Gnome figurines in Wroclaw, Poland


Wroclaw, southwest of Poland, is one of the youngest cities in the country where you can enjoy a milder climate than in the northern cities. Its historic centre has been rehabilitated in recent years and is a perfect city to walk and cross the many bridges that cross its canals as if it were one of the Northern Venices. One of the biggest tourist attractions is to locate the gnomes of Wroclaw. These are figurines of gnomes with a profession and a history that you can find in the streets of historic centre.

Bergen, Norway
Brygge quarter, Bergen, Norway


Located in south-western Norway, Bergen is the second largest city in the country, surrounded by the impressive landscape of the Norwegian fjords. The Bryggen quarter is the most colourful and photographed place of the city with its wooden houses. And very close to it is the Fish Market where you can buy and even taste typical and fresh products. And if you are looking for a walk in the mountains, don’t miss out on the opportunity to do some mycological route and discover the great variety of mushrooms in the area.

Edinburgh, Scotland
View of Edinburgh, Scotland


The second largest city and capital of Scotland is one of the best European cities to visit in autumn. Its parks, gardens and green areas begin to change colour and lose their leaves. Strolling through its streets or taking a trip around, can be two good options to enjoy the autumnal landscape. In addition, during the autumn months there are many celebrations in the city: the festival of storytelling, the Samhuinn, Halloween, Guy Fawkes night, St. Andrew's Day,...


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