Fun facts about the 2022 Qatar footbal world cup

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Fun facts about the 2022 Qatar footbal world cup

Every four year the world stops for about a month during the summer. People takes absence at work, weeding are pushed back, exams are postponed and even elections are moved (well maybe I’m exaggerating there), and all that because of football.
The time has come and this weekend the 2022 Qatar Football World Cup will kick off. And not just the 32 countries that are participating will be focusing on this tournament, the whole world will be watching. 

For those of you that usually check this blog, you know we like to dedicate here and there a post to the fun facts of one special event, and the 2022 Qatar Football World Cup deserves its own.

First winter world cup in history

If you read back, you can see that i said during the summer, this time is not summer it’s a winter tournament. Just to clarify will be summer in Qatar, where the tournament it held, and this is an event that never happened before. And the reason is the really high temperatures in Qatar during the summer, which makes it really hard to practice football. 


1st Middle Easter World Cup and only 2nd Word Cup in Asia

Its hard to believe but it is true. In all the Football World Cups it is just the second one to take place in an Asian country after Japan and Korea co-hosted the 2002 tournament. FIFA is clearly trying to expand football all over the world and reach everywhere.

Most expensive and visitors record

Qatar has spent 200 billion dollars on infrastructure for the World Cup, not just building stadiums but also on roads and complexes to welcome all the visitors and promote the country. That is a new record as it will be the number of visitors. Qatar placement and the investment will probably bring more visitors than any other word cup in history


Less stadiums and close to each other 

Is true that Argentina hosted a world cup in 1978 with only 6 stadiums, but times have changed since then. Qatar has 7 new stadiums and 1 refurbished. Only 8 stadiums to host all the matches. This and the fact that Qatar is a small country will allow, for the first time in history, that one fan can actually be able to attend most of the games just by traveling a few hours…. If traffic allows it.

At Eurochange we will enjoy the World Cup as you will be, many nationalities among our employees and sure they will be rooting for their country. But if you are planning to go to Qatar you can come to our offices and exchange Euros into Qatari Riyal. And when you come back from that amazing experience, we will be waiting to exchange the Riyals you got left into euros again. And let the best team win!