God save the Queen

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God save the Queen

Yesterday was a day that will prevail forever in history, the Queen of England died peacefully at Balmoral.

Let’s honor her memory with some facts from her life.

1. Queen Elizabeth II was born at 2.40am on 21 April 1926
To parents the Duke and Duchess of York, who later became King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother). Interesting to know that she was not born in a palace. Instead, she was born at 17 Bruton Street in the Mayfair neighborhood of London, in a townhouse that belonged to her Scottish maternal grandparents, the Earl and Countess of Strathmore.


2. She was the first monarch to be crowned in a televised coronation ceremony.
Watched by a TV audience of 20 million people. Queen Elizabeth II succeeded to the throne on 6 February 1952 upon the death of her father, King George VI. On 2 June 1953, her coronation took place in Westminster Abbey. 

3. She was the longest reigning monarch ever in Britain
On 9 September 2015, Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch in British and Commonwealth history when she surpassed the record set by the nearly 64-year reign of her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria.

4. She owned more than 30 corgis over the course of her lifetime.
Her preferred breed of dog was the Pembroke Welsh corgi. She brought her corgi Susan on her honeymoon in 1947 and received a corgi puppy as a gift from members of her family in the spring of 2021. The royal corgis became part of the Queen’s public image. She even invented a new breed of dog when her corgi mated with a dachshund belonging to her sister, Princess Margaret, creating the “dorgi”. 

5. She is the most well-travelled monarch in history.
The Queen’s parents and grandparents travelled extensively in the British Empire and then the Commonwealth, but the Queen held the record for the most countries visited by an individual monarch: more than 120 countries on six continents. The Queen made her role as Head of the Commonwealth a priority throughout her reign, attending almost every Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting and travelling extensively throughout the Commonwealth. 

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