Holi Festival: the color festival of India

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Holi Festival: the color festival of India

What is the Holi Festival?

The Holi Festival is a religious celebration celebrated mainly in India and Nepal, but also in other regions of the world with a strong Hindu tradition.

It is celebrated in the last full moon of the winter. In 2019 it will be celebrated on March 21st. It is a festival in which the arrival of spring and love are celebrated.

Holi colour Festival in India

How is the Holi Festival celebrated?

The Holi Festival begins, in fact, the night before with the celebration of Holika Dahan. That night bonfires are formed in which a figure of Holika is burned.

The Holi colour party takes place the next day. During this day, people play in the streets with coloured powders and coloured water. In this way the arrival of spring is celebrated with colours and joy. During the celebration they also enjoy typical sweets from India and sing songs in the streets.

What is the origin of the Holi Festival?

Legend says that King Hiranyakashipu was the king of the demonic Asuras and made everyone worship him. No one could kill him: neither a human nor an animal, neither indoor nor outdoor, neither by day nor by night, neither by a weapon grasped nor by a weapon thrown, neither on earth nor water nor air.

However, his son, Prince Prahlada, worshiped the God Vishnu. Despite the harsh punishments of his father, the prince did not stop worshiping Vishnu. The sister of King Hiranyakashipu and the prince's aunt, Holika, tricked him into sitting next to her on a pyre. She wore a tunic that protected her from fire, but the prince would be exposed and would burn. When the fire started to burn, the tunic slipped from Holika's body covering Prince Prahlada and protected him from the fire while his aunt burned.

Then Vishnu took the form of another God half human and half lion and at dusk he took Hiranyakashipu to the doorway. He sat him on his lap and killed him with his claws.

For this reason Holika burns again at the stake every year and the victory of good over evil is celebrated.

Another of the legends about the colour festival has to do with the Gods Krishna and Radha. It is said that Krishna had blue skin because a demon tried to kill him by giving him poisoned milk. Krishna cried because of the injustice that meant that his beloved Radha had such a clear skin color. To comfort him his mother told him to go to paint Radha's face the color he wanted and he went and painted her face blue.

According to this legend, the day of the Holi Festival also commemorates the love of Krishna and Radha. It is common for at Holi lovers to look for their beloved one to paint their faces on each other as a symbol of their love.

Where to celebrate the Holi Festival?

If you want to celebrate the Holi Festival in style in India (or elsewhere in the world), check out the Holi Festival website. You will be able to consult all the information to enjoy this colourful and happy festival.

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Enjoy the Holi!