Málaga: places to discover

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Málaga: places to discover

We just had blue Monday, the saddest day of the year, or that is what they say. Thinking about where in the world blue Monday would be a good day Malaga appeared. 
When in the whole Spanish country, the weather is getting worse and the temperatures are going down fast, we can see that Malaga has a stable temperature around 15 degrees Celsius. Where in the world will you get this kind of weather at the core of the winter?. So let´s talk a bit about Malaga and some of the towns that can be a place to enjoy the “hard” Spanish winter. 

Cala Mijas and Calahonda
Two beautiful towns located in the Andalusian coast. The history of these two towns is related to the pirates. Not the way we all think, but there are towers located on these town that, back in the days, were the first point of defense from pirates. From here, the defenses located at Fuengirola, Benalmadena and Marbella could arrive where the pirates were located to defend the Spanish coast. 

Well, there is not much to say about Benalmadena… because you must visit the place. A city with a rich history going all the way back till the paleolithic and going thru time only making the history bigger and better. But on their most valued sites is Benalmadena´s harbor. Two-time winner of the prestigious award “the best marina in the world” is a must visit place. 

If Benalmadena is famous, even more famous is Torremolinos. If Picasso is probably the most know Malaga descendant, the Cultural Center Pablo Picasso in Torremolinos in one of the most know places in this beautiful town. Residence of various actors, models, and VIPs, Torremolinos is a never stop growing city ready to offer you all you need. 

Puerto Banús 
A few weeks ago, we made an article about this beautiful harbor located in Marbella. But we could be speaking of Puerto Banús for ages. Symbol of fame, luxury and fashion, this harbor welcomes every year the elite of the world. And as elitist as it sounds, we all can take a stroll around Puerto Banús and admire its beauty and the amazing boats, well yachts, that stay there all the year around.
And all this towns and places located around Malaga are not just beautiful and with excellent weather all the year around, they also share something amazing, and I know you guessing already. We are in all of them, Eurochange has offices all over the Malaga coast to offer you the best attention we can and to be closer to you. So if you are around the area just come visit us if you want to exchange your currencies with excellent rates and amazing people taking care of you. 

We are waiting for you.