Post Vacation Blues: how to avoid it or overcome it

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Post Vacation Blues: how to avoid it or overcome it

Post Vacation Blues

August its arriving to it´s end, and that means for a lot of people the end of the most waited time of the year: vacations. For some, coming back to work and sharing their experiences with the colleages it is fun and they can not wait for it. But for most cases, this is a sad time, and for some it can end up in what they call the post-vacation blues or post-vacation depression.

Post vacation syndrome (PVS) is commonly called the blues. PVS typically appears in individuals who have recently returned to work following a holiday of a week or more.

Some common symptoms you might experience following a vacation include:






    lack of focus

    lack of motivation

    trouble sleeping

Here at Eurochange we want to more than money exchange or you, we going to try to help you with this syndrome by giving some advice how to prevent it or, in case it is too late for this, how to overcome it if ir hit already.

How to prevent it

Before you leave home, tidy up

In the run up to a vacation, it can be easy to think, “I’ll deal with that when I get back.” If you can manage it, putting fresh sheets on your bed, clean towels in your bathroom, and maybe a new book on your nightstand will make your return feel more like “Welcome home.”

Take lots of photos and write in a journal

Photos, journal entries, and souvenirs can represent memories you made on your trip. Mementos can be a reminder that the time you spent there is still meaningful to you, even when you’re back to your daily grind.

Give yourself a transition day

You might want to schedule your return travel for a Friday or Saturday, or if you do need to come back Sunday, take Monday off to recharge.

Plan plenty of downtime

While it’s tempting to cram adventure and activity into every moment your sense of well-being may last longer if you plan a restful one.

Have something to look forward to

This might mean scheduling a date night for the middle of the week, having friends over for a movie night, or just about anything else that reminds you of the good things you have waiting for you at home.

Begin researching your next trip

Even if you’re not planning on traveling for another year, creating Pinterest boards or researching itineraries for various trips can get your mind off your current vacation coming to an end.

How to overcome it

Host an Event.

Having some people over and talk about your hollidays will make your come back to the daily routine not as hard, and you will give value to that time spent on vacations.


Be sure to drink lots of water if you traveled by air. Plane cabins are known trusted source to dehydrate travelers. And if you’re experiencing jet lag, melatonin might help you adjust your sleep rhythms.

Vary the Routine. Changing the routine to incorporate something new is a great way to engage back following the holidays.

Seek for help

If you think that you can´t handle it, seek for help. Therapist are of great help in some cases and, even if you can not believe it, there has been plenty people before you with the same problems and they got to overcome it.

From Eurochange we wish you had a great summer and we hope you dont have any of those problems before mentioned. But if you come back from your summer trip and you have some currencies to exchange look for us in one of our locations and we will give you amazing rates and the best service.