Rijeka and Galway European Capitals of Culture in 2020

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Rijeka and Galway European Capitals of Culture in 2020

As usual in our blog, we begin the year with a post about the European Capitals of Culture for this year. The two cities that will hold this title in 2020 are Rijeka (Croatia) and Galway (Ireland). Read on if you want to know the charms of these two cities and what awaits you if you want to visit them during this year.


Rijeka - Croatia


Rijeka (Croatia) - Port of Diversity

Rijeka is the third most populous city in Croatia. It is located in the north of the country, on the coast of the Gulf of Carnaro. It also has the main port of the country, for this reason its leitmotiv will be Port of Diversity.

It is a city that has been part of different countries or sovereignty throughout its history. For this reason today it is an open and liberal city where much of the cultural scene will be concentrated in 2020.

Rijeka is the first Croatian city to be the European Capital of Culture. During this year its cultural program will focus on three topics on the agenda: water, work and migration. The program has more than 600 cultural events among which there will be concerts, operas, festivals, conferences, exhibitions,… of both Croatian and international artists. In addition, the city has been preparing for this moment for some years, enabling and building places to host all these experiences.

The program will be divided into 7 segments: 27 neighborhoods, Times of Power, Dopolavoro, Kitchen of Diversity, Children's House, Lungomare, Sweet & Salt. And each of them will have its related events.

The inauguration will be held on February 1st at the Port of Rijeka, admission is free and the work of Rijeka's most famous artist, David Maljković will be shown on the exhibition.

Check the full program on the Rijeka 2020 website.


Galway - Ireland


Galway (Ireland) - Let the magic in

Galway is a city located on the west coast of Ireland. It is the third Irish city to be the European Capital of Culture and its 2020 program is strongly linked to its Celtic tradition. Hence his leitmotiv: Let the magic in.

The Galway cultural program is structured around the Celtic calendar, which consists of 4 parts that are the four seasons: Imbolc (from February to April), Bealtaine (from May to July), Lughansa (from August to October) and Samhain (from November to January). And the activities distributed during the seasons will revolve around three themes: language, landscape and migration. Its program consists of activities, exhibitions, theaters, concerts, screenings and festivals in which local and international artists will be accommodated.

The opening events will take place between February 1st and 8th, coinciding with the end of winter in the Celtic calendar. There will be activities not only in the city of Galway, but throughout the county. These days the values ​​par excellence of the Irish will be exalted: courage, creativity and resilience.

On the Galway 2020 website you can check all the activities.


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