Travel Safety

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Travel Safety

Summer time, that means millions and millions of tourists traveling around the world. Even nowadays we have plenty information on the net, and most people already know what to do and the safety measures to take while traveling, at Eurochange we thought it would be a good gesture to share with you some travel safety tips for your summer vacations.

The media usually blow out of proportion and scares people about some destinations being “unsafe”, and it is true that some places have more risk than other, but the #1 advice to any traveler it´s: Be responsible.

The major concern about safety its always about the possibility of getting robbed, and here are some tips to avoid that, or at least, make it more difficult.

  • Always make sure you know where you going: Asking for directions it’s a common practice, and most time it´s harmless but, sometimes can be problematic if you ask the wrong person. If you visiting a popular touristic city, make sure you ask the appropriate person, check for tourist’s centers, ask in your hotel lobby or to the concierge, and there is always the police. But if you are wellinformed, you won’t need to ask anybody and you will be your own guide thru the city.

  •  Locate all your belongings: Make sure where you have everything at every moment. We are used to walk around out hometowns careless, placing our wallets in our back pockets, having a backpack full with stuff, and showing off our nice watch or jewelry. All those are a big NO NO while you traveling. Make sure your wallet it’s on a spot hard to reach to avoid pickpocket, use a lock for your backpack and have only the necessary things and, while being on crowded places, place your backpack on your chest. Nice and flashy Jewelry can attract robbers, if you really don’t need it, leave it at home. Other potential measures to protect yourself are to split your money in different places, have a safe at your hotel room, have a decoy wallet and have as small cash with you if you can.

  • Protect yourself “online”: Do not join unknown or free networks, you don’t know who is on the other side. Nowadays we have our lives in our laptops or phones, this is really convenient for our daily life but carries some risks. Make sure you have your online purchases protected with a double confirmation via sms or email. Don’t pay with you credit card anywhere that seem untrustworthy and always make sure you don’t lose your card from your sight.

Last but not least, and referring to our website, be careful where you exchange your money. Try to find always an official money exchange office that holds all the licenses. In some countries, its common to pay in another currency other than the one official at the stores or shops, be careful with the exchange rate they give you. And of course, if you come to Spain make sure you visit us on one of our many locations around the country. We will not just give you amazing rated to exchange your money, we also will treat each and every one of you as an special and individual client.