Sweden: What is the best time to visit it and where to buy Swedish krona in Spain

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Sweden: What is the best time to visit it and where to buy Swedish krona in Spain

When we plan a trip to northern Europe, the first thing we usually think about is the weather, sometimes it can be a bit confusing, so if you are not sure when to travel to Sweden, depending on which areas you want to visit or what is you don't want to miss out, take note of our tips.




One of the biggest attractions of the country is the possibility of encountering this atmospheric phenomenon that we know as the Northern Lights. The night is dyed in green, yellow and purple colors, it is an unrepeatable experience. From Swedish Lapland is where you can best see these phenomena. The best time to see them is in winter in the months of December and January.




The so-called midnight sun is a period of 24 hours of uninterrupted sunlight that only occurs in the Arctic Circle in the summer. Kiruna is the best destination to contemplate this phenomenon.




The Midsommar celebration in Sweden or the summer solstice party, is a tradition that the Swedes live as intensely or more intensely than the National Day. It is celebrated on the Friday before the day of San Juan. According to tradition, women dress in regional costumes. The children go out to look for flowers in the fields and the girls and women adorn their hair with these flowers, making crowns that symbolize good luck.




Djurgården is located near the center of Stockholm, is known to Holmians as “Ekoparken” and is the first European National Park within a city. Only 800 people and animals such as brown bears, wolves and reindeer reside in this natural area, close to the city center.

Spring is the best time to visit this island, which opens its zoo and open-air museum to the public during the warmer months.




Liseberg Amusement Park in Gothenburg is open from approximately May to August. It is the largest of the Nordic countries and has entertainment for all ages. From towering roller coasters and free falls, to harmless merry-go-rounds.




Stockholm is the capital of the country. If you are wondering when to travel to Sweden to walk its streets, the answer is to take advantage of spring and summer. Winter can be very harsh and daylight hours are minimal. Attractions such as the Malmö Castle, or the ascent to the viewpoints need light to be able to contemplate the beauty of the city.



The best time to tour the Gotä Canal is in the summer. The Gotä Canal is located in the south of the country and offers a unique opportunity for a cruise to discover the landscapes and architecture of the area. Mills, meadows and a lot of peace is what you can expect, along with some great sunsets. You can also choose to enter the fjords by boat. A completely different experience essential.




Uppsala is a beautiful city with a great university atmosphere. The ideal time to visit depends on your intentions. If you want to enjoy its architectural attractions, such as the castle or the cathedral, choose the summer. If, on the other hand, you prefer to party, the school year will give you the best dates.




The Swedish krona is the official currency of Sweden. Although in some places they will give you the option to pay in euros, we do not recommend this option since they will apply an exchange rate that is beneficial for the business but worse for you.

You can get the Swedish krona at banks, airports or at EUROCHANGE.

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Bon voyage!!!