Top British Cities in Spain

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Top British Cities in Spain

Top British Towns in Spain

If we think about British in Spain, we always thing of Gibraltar, but that’s a misconception. In fact, Gibraltar it is a British territory, therefor those Brits who live there are British in British territory.

But we all know there are plenty British citizens living around Spain. It is not a tourist destination, but also the country chosen to move or to retire for many U.K. citizens. But which towns or cities do they prefer? Let’s take a look and start with 2 interesting facts to know what we are talking about.

  • The Costa Blanca town of Benidorm is the most British city in Spain!
  • The Costa del Sol dominates the ranking, with 5 towns in the top 10.

That’s a fact, even Benidorm has the highest British population is not enough to dominate the ranking overall, where the costa del sol emerges victorious with non-less than 5 towns in the top 10.

Let´s take a deeper look on some of those towns, where there are, and why are they so popular.



As arguably the most famous holiday destination in Spain, it shouldn’t surprise us that Benidorm takes the title of most British city in Spain.

The Alicante province has the highest ratio of foreign residents of all of the Spanish provinces which is why many British expats set up home here. Torrevieja, Calpe, Benidorm, Orihuela, Javea, Rojales, are all home to between 6,000 and 19,000 British expats.

The region of Alicante really does have the best of everything that Spain has to offer: the weather, relaxed lifestyle, food, leisure activities and natural wonders.


The lively port city of Malaga is often known as the capital of the Costa del Sol. The second most populated city of Andalucia, Malaga has established itself as the coast’s commercial and cultural hub with many bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and shops.

There are many reasons why expats choose to move to Malaga and the Costa del Sol: the region has a great climate and beautiful beaches, cost of living is cheaper, and the area has something for everyone, from families to pensioners.

La Malagueta is a particular favorite with a lot of expats because of all its amenities, great schools, peaceful atmosphere and a beach nearby.


Considered by many to be the hub of the Costa Blanca, Valencia on Spain’s eastern coast is an increasingly popular destination for British expats moving to Spain, offering everything from great beaches to cultural events and city life.

The locals are extremely friendly and welcoming with the whole of the city seemingly spending much of their time socializing outdoors.

For those who live in the region, the quality of life is second to none with plenty of year-round sunshine, a thriving expat community and a low cost of living compared to other regions of Spain. While living in Valencia isn’t as cheap as it used to be, it’s much cheaper than many other places in Spain and much cheaper than most places around Europe when it comes to cost of living and even buying or renting a house.

And guess what those cities also have in common? You are right, there is one or more Eurochange offices in all of them. We make sure to provide to British the best service to exchange their pounds to euro, but also, we are more than happy to exchange them some Euros to pounds when they decide to get back to the country where they were born. Check out exchange offices in those and many other cities, and of course if you want us to take a look to your city and maybe write about it in this blog, leave us a comment below.