Traveling to Benidorm (Spain) after COVID

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Traveling to Benidorm (Spain) after COVID

COVID arrived in early 2020 to turn our routine and our daily lives upside down. But once we have passed the first round against it, we regain the desire to go out, travel and do everything we used to do before its arrival (even going to work, right?). In our post today we want to inform our readers of the current situation in Benidorm as we begin to receive the first tourists of the season.

Access to Levante Beach in Benidorm
An access to the Levante beach in Bendiorm



General measures during de-escalation in Spain

As of the date of this post in Spain we are in a de-escalation process. This means that little by little the measures that were taken during the state of alarm and lockdown are being relaxed and we can now lead an almost normal life.

The measures at a general level are:

- The whole country is open to circulation. You can travel and move within Spain with the only restriction of the isolated areas due to located new outbreaks. Early detection is currently very important. That is why there is a very exhaustive control of the new outbreaks, the patients and the people who have been in contact with them are followed up and isolated if necessary. There are currently two isolated areas in Lugo (Galicia) and Lleida (Calatuña).

- There is no quarantine. You can travel to Spain from the United Kingdom without quarantine on arrival. All you must do is fill out this online form to confirm your information 48 hours before your trip. By filling it you will get a QR code that you must show upon arrival at the Airport. You can print it, show it on the Spain Travel Healt mobile APP or show the email you will receive.

- Services and leisure available. Hotels, restaurants, beaches, cafes, museums, public transport, shops, ... everything is open (except for some establishments that have decided to remain closed for a longer time by their own decision). The minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be respected in public places, outdoor spaces and establishments and a mask must be used when that distance cannot be maintained. There are also 75% capacity limitations in shops and restaurants.

- Security protocols. The Government has produced safety guides for hotels, restaurants and tourist places in general to guarantee the safety of tourists and workers. Security, protection and disinfection measures are being taken in all public places. Daily disinfections are carried out in hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops, hydroalcoholic gel is available to customers and in many of them the spaces have been marked to maintain the safety distance without difficulty.

You can find more information online at

Benidorm Beach Safety: plots in Levante Beach
Benidorm Beach Safety: plots in Levante Beach



What’s going on in Benidorm after COVID?

The situation in Benidorm is quiet and our first visitors are enjoying beaches, sun, swimming pools, bars,…


- Hotels. Not all hotels are currently open. There are some who are waiting to be able to secure a minimum of clients. But many of them are working, with their bars and pools open, and customers are already enjoying their vacations. There are some modifications. E.g., in all-you-can-eat buffets you can no longer self-serve your own food, there are staff who serve what is asked for the clients (with no limits, as usual) or individual food rations already prepared. And clients are asked to maintain social distance and to use a face mask.

- Restaurants, bars and cafes. As with hotels, there are those who have decided to remain closed for a longer time. But most are open and working following security measures. You can continue to sit on your favorite terrace and enjoy your drink while sunbathing. The most of them offer gel to the clients and they disinfect chairs and tables regularly.

- Theme parks and leisure. Terra Mítica has decided to close during 2020 to carry out works and reforms in the park for the 2021 season. They will surely surprise with its reopening turned into a super resort. As for Aqualandia, Mundomar and Terra Natura, they have already opened their doors, also reinforcing their security measures. Other leisure options such as bicycle rentals, Cable-Ski, excursions, tourist buses, etc. They are also operational. The only exception are the nightclubs that, to date, remain closed and the Benidorm Palace room, which has not yet opened. Shops, beauty saloons and shopping centres are also open.

- Beaches. Perhaps the measure that has caused the most controversy is the management of capacity on the beaches. To ensure that social distance is maintained, the Benidorm City Council has divided the beach into plots with a capacity of 33,000 people. Each plot can be used by 4 people (5 in the case of 2 adults and 3 children). The beaches are open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and have various accesses spread along them. The plots can be used for as long as you like, bathing is allowed without restrictions and you can walk along the shore. Everything remains the same, but the places to put the towel are delimited. The Benidorm Beach Safety APP will soon be available to reserve a plot on the beach, but for the moment you can go directly and find the place you like best. There are some green plots reserved for over 65s and some blue ones that are for the public. In addition to the hammock rental areas.


In Spain in general and in Benidorm in particular, we are prepared to comply with all the necessary security measures. There are some measures that can sometimes be a bit awkward because we are not used to them. But our visitors are already arriving and are beginning to enjoy their well-deserved vacation. If you want to see it with your own eyes, have a look at the Levante beach webcam.

We are waiting for you!