Will we be able to travel to or from the UK at Christmas?

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Will we be able to travel to or from the UK at Christmas?

This year Christmas is going to be rare, but we will have to be prepared to improvise at the last minute and make changes of plans according to the restrictions. If in your case you want to travel to the United Kingdom or come from the United Kingdom to Spain at Christmas to meet your beloved ones, it seems that some unknowns are already being clarified. We tell you.


Travel to Spain from the UK

Since last Monday, November 23, the Government of Spain requires a negative PCR test carried out at origin at least 72 hours before the arrival of the traveler.

This document must be written in English or Spanish and may be submitted on paper or in digital format. The document must include the name of the traveler and ID or Passport number, identification data of the center where it has been carried out, technique used and negative result.

On the Spain Travel Health website you can fill out your entry form and confirm that you have this test. If you don't do it online, you can also deliver it before boarding.

Until December 13, the UK is part of the list of countries that need a negative PCR, but this list will be updated every 15 days, so there may be changes in the coming days. Check the website https://www.spth.gob.es/ to review the list of countries before your trip.

Once in Spain, keep in mind that each Community has a level of alert and restrictions. Find out before your arrival about possible mobility or other restrictions.


Travel to the UK from Spain

As announced by the UK transport minister on Tuesday, November 24, from December 15 the mandatory quarantine will be reduced from 14 days to 5, after conducting a negative PCR test.

The operation of this system called “Test-and-release” will be as follows: The passenger will request the PCR test before the trip and will be able to choose where to do it from a list of places authorized by the United Kingdom Government that is yet to be determined. They will be private clinics and the price of the test, which will range from 65 to 120 pounds, will be paid by the traveler.

With the result of the negative test, the mandatory quarantine of travelers upon arrival will be 5 days instead of 14. However, those who do not want to take the PCR test and prefer to do the 14-day quarantine, can do it this way.

On the https://gov.uk website you can fill out the UK entry form and the list of clinics will also be available soon.

Once in the United Kingdom, keep in mind that at the end of their confinement on December 2, they will enter a plan of alert tiers by zones, it will be determined which zone is in each tier and the restrictions in each case. Confirm at what tier the zone you are going to is in order to comply with the established restrictions.