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Money exchange in Bilbao

day 25 December CLOSED

At our exchange office in Posta Kalea, 13 (in Bilbao) we sell currencies. So you can make your currency exchanges to Euros with the best price and without paying commissions. Our prices are completely transparent. The price you see on our website is the final price that we give you.

You can make your reservations of Euros through our website, by phone, WhatsApp or email and pick them up at the office on the date you prefer.

In addition, if you register with us we will give you a loyalty card to get better rates.


Currency We buy We sell
12.png Pound Sterling 12.png GBP 1.133 -
24.png United States Dollar 24.png USD 0.883 -
5.png Swiss Franc 5.png CHF 1.0126 -
16.png Norwegian Krone 16.png NOK 0.06740 -
20.png Swedish Krone 20.png SEK 0.06857 -
1.png UAE Dirham 1.png AED 0.21467 -
2.png Australian Dollar 2.png AUD 0.5270 -
arzerbayan_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png Azerbaijani Manat arzerbayan_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png AZN 0.3740 -
albania_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png Lek (ALL) Albania albania_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png ALL 0.00780 -
40.png Bulgarian Leu 40.png BGN 0.37631 -
bolivia_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png BOB-BILLETE bolivia_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png BOB 0.09812 -
3.png Brazilian Real 3.png BRL 0.15318 -
4.png Canadian Dollar 4.png CAD 0.5964 -
27.png Chilean Peso 27.png CLP 0.000774 -
6.png Chinese Yuan 6.png CNY 0.10010 -
41.png Colombian Peso 41.png COP 0.000193 -
46.png Costa Rican Colon 46.png CRC 0.001479 -
7.png Czech Koruna 7.png CZK 0.03445 -
dominicana_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png Dominican Peso dominicana_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png DOP 0.012690 -
9.png Danish Krone 9.png DKK 0.0920 -
argelia_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png Algerian Dinars argelia_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png DZD 0.003150 -
egipto_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png Egyptian Pound egipto_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png EGP 0.000 -
14.png Hong Kong Dollar 14.png HKD 0.10077 -
guatamela_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_.png Guatemalan Quetzal guatamela_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_.png GTQ 0.0960 -
honduras_lempira_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png Honduran Lempira honduras_lempira_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png HNL 0.02747 -
28.png Croatian Kuna 28.png HRK 0.09768 -
29.png Hungarian Forint 29.png HUF 0.00224 -
47.png Indonesian Rupiah 47.png IDR 0.000049 -
35.png Israeli Shekel 35.png ILS 0.22379 -
48.png Indian Rupee 48.png INR 0.008690 -
34.png Icelandic Krona 34.png ISK 0.005531 -
52.png Jordanian Dinar 52.png JOD 0.844 -
30.png Japanese Yen 30.png JPY 0.00541 -
51.png South Korean Won 51.png KRW 0.000590 -
kuwait_dinar_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png Kuwaiti Dinar kuwait_dinar_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png KWD 2.425620 -
15.png Moroccan Dirham 15.png MAD 0.07593 -
31.png Mexican Peso 31.png MXN 0.04614 -
43.png Malaysian Ringgit 43.png MYR 0.15964 -
17.png New Zealand Dollar 17.png NZD 0.48596 -
44.png Peruvian Sol 44.png PEN 0.20072 -
49.png Philippine Peso 49.png PHP 0.013600 -
18.png Polish Zloty 18.png PLN 0.19858 -
paraguay_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png Paraguayan Guarani paraguay_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png PYG 0.000093 -
qatar_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png Qatari Riyal qatar_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png QAR 0.20960 -
37.png Romanian Leu 37.png RON 0.17210 -
serbia_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png RSD-BILLETE serbia_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png RSD 0.00691 -
19.png Russian Ruble 19.png RUB 0.00010 -
38.png Saudi Arabian Riyal 38.png SAR 0.21023 -
39.png Singapore Dollar 39.png SGD 0.58640 -
21.png Thai Baht 21.png THB 0.02243 -
42.png Tunisian Dinar 42.png TND 0.24470 -
23.png Turkish Lira 23.png TRY 0.02532 -
53.png Taiwanese Dollar 53.png TWD 0.02493 -
54.png Uruguayan Peso 54.png UYU 0.017530 -
ucrania_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png Ukranian grivna ucrania_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png UAH 0.0143 -
45.png Vietnamese Dong 45.png VND 0.000031 -
centro_africa_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png Central African CFA franc (XAF) centro_africa_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_100.png XAF 0.00099 -
centro_sur_africa_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_.png West African CFA franc (XOF) centro_sur_africa_divisas_eurochnage_bandera_.png XOF 0.00113 -
33.png South African Rand 33.png ZAR 0.04002 -

Rates for day 2024-02-27

Services available at this money exchange office

  • divisa_euro.png
    Exchange currencies to EUR
  • recogida_reservas_euro.png
    Collection of reservations (Currency to €)

Posta Kalea, 13

How to get there? >

How to get there?

day 25 December CLOSED

Our currency exchange office is located in the Bilbao, at Posta Kalea, 13

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Our Offices

Find your nearest money exchange shop now and get the best rates with Eurochange

Our Offices

Find your nearest money exchange shop now and get the best rates with Eurochange

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