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Money exchange office Calle Escorpiones in Punta Marina
  • OPENING HOURS >Monday to Friday: 10:00 h a 18:00
    >Saturday: 10:00 h a 14:00
  • 615 403 877

Currency exchange Punta Marina

Exchange your currency at the best price in our Punta Prima office (5 minutes from Torrevieja and Playa Flamenca). In our office you can change from Euros to more than 40 foreign currencies or make the exchange in reverse, from foreign currencies to Euros. Come and visit us and we will give you the best quote without commission. We also accept debit or credit cards for your exchanges.


Make the collection for your reservations or currency purchases made through our online store quickly.


Send or collect money transfers made through Western Union.

Calle Escorpiones 2, Centro Comercial Punta Marina · 03185 Punta Marina How to get there? »

How to get there?

Our exchange office is located in the Punta Marina Shopping Center, which is located at the Punta Prima beach roundabout. In this shopping center there is also a McDonald's, a Consum supermarket and a Milar store.

Services available at this money exchange office

  • Exchange EUR to another currency
  • Card payment
  • Exchange currencies to EUR
  • Collection of online purchases
  • Free parking
  • Collection of reservations
  • Money transfer with Western Union
  • Digital contents and top ups - EPAY

How much money do I need to exchange for my trip?